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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Mille Bornes game.jpg

Mille bornes game

Mille Borne game is a French designer game. Game premises that players are in 1000 miles long race and played with a special deck of cards. There are differently named cards like hazard, remedy, safety, and distance. This game is more fun when playing with family. Moreover, you can be together with your friends. Playing this game active your mind and develop a sense of using your abilities.

Millinery art.jpg

Millinery art

Millinery arts are one of the most ancient traditional arts of creating and decorating hats. This culture seems to disappear in Europe. However, decorating hats is very special and creative. Wearing and creating hat can affect your personality emotionally, boost your confidence, and as a perfect mask to hide.

Mime art.jpg

Mime art

Mime arts are the French originated arts, it is a theatrical performance in which artists perform with their other body parts without saying a word. Miming has related to silent comedy like movies of Charlie Chaplin, Jacques Cowpea.  Adopting miming as a hobby can be fun you can entertain yourself and other people around you. Contemporary mime artists perform in the streets and show their arts.

Minecraft game.jpg

Minecraft game

Minecraft is a computer game in which player makes a thing of virtual blocks.  This game contains some creatures that players can kill and eat. Have you listen the movie "The maze runner" It is a sci-fi movie in which teenagers live in booby-trapped labyrinth and challenge their friends to navigate. Similarly, Minecraft is about creating things with virtual blocks that include hunting, and create new obstacles. Somehow, this game urges the player to think and create something new and clever. Minecraft invites the kids to thinker things. Playing Minecraft as a hobby can be the first step to creativity.

Minerals Collecting.jpg

Minerals collecting

Mineral collecting is collecting mineral specimens. It is about identifying and displaying minerals as a hobby or profession. Mineral collector enjoys outdoor exploring trading and socializing with collectors. They also travel so long to find the right specimen. When you find a specimen label them with locality information about it this increases its commercial value.

Mini golf.jpg

Mini golf

Miniature golf means mini golf. It is the same as sport golf is play at small golf yards and similar to its parent. Mini golf characterized by the short length of miles from tee to cup. Mini golf also includes artificial putting surfaces like grass carpet and artificial obstacles like tunnels, tubes, etc. It is a mini version of parent golf.

Miniature collecting.jpg

Miniature collecting

Miniature collecting is a long life hobby. Miniature collecting can be more fun when you collect things by buying them and sell them for profit. Miniature collecting and selling them is a rewarding hobby you can make it your business also.     

Miniature dollhouse.jpg

Miniature dollhouse

Building miniature is an opportunity to create innovatively new buildings and architectural wonders of the world. A perfect hobby for who want to work with hands. A miniature creator can not be passed by a miniature to thinking of his own. You can show off architectural buildings, dollhouses, and much other creativity.


Minimalism lifestyle

We have set a standard for life that if you have more things in possession you are more successful. Minimalism is living with less and simple things in possession. Minimalist lives with things that are required and remove things without purpose.  Minimalism frees you from chasing fame, glamour, and luxury lifestyles and gives freedom from the duplicity of life. It offers everything that is required to spend a simple life without any hesitation.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).jpg

Mixed martial arts (MMA)

You have seen wrestlers fighting in a cage in movies or in real. The techniques used in that fight are called mixed martial art. Mixed martial arts is a combat sport and a combination of striking, grappling, and ground fighting. This combat is usually fought to little with few rules.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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