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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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human cannonball.jpg

Human cannonball

The human cannonball act is an exhibition wherein an individual who goes about as the "cannonball" is catapulted from an exceptionally planned "gun." The human cannonball arrives on a flat net or swelled pack put at the arrival point, as anticipated by material science.  This act is mostly performed in a circus. It is a dangerous hobby to adapt. You have to be very skilled and fearless before trying human cannonball. This act is dangerous. A little bit of negligence may cause your death. Thus this is probably the most dangerous hobby.

Human pyramid.jpg

Human pyramid

A human pyramid is a gymnastic arrangement of at least three individuals in which at least two individuals bolster a level of higher individuals, who thus may support other, higher levels of individuals. Individuals over the base level may bow or remain on the shoulders, backs or thighs of the individuals beneath them. To perform it well, you have to know the same handy tricks like lighter individuals are frequently situated higher and more grounded, heavier individuals are nearer to the base. Human pyramids are performed in different exercises, incorporating cheerleading and in bazaar gymnastics. A human pyramid is mostly taught in schools, so there is no harm in practicing this as a hobby. If you are skilled, then it is an excellent activity to be performed with your friends.

Human table football.jpg

Human table football


Humanoid robot.jpg

Humanoid robot


Hungry Hungry Hippos.jpg

Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hippos (or Hungry Hippos in some UK releases) is a tabletop game made for 2–4 players, delivered by Hasbro, under the brand of its auxiliary, Milton Bradley. Hungry Hungry Hippos is the game of Childers, but adults also love to play this game. It also has a human version. A few networks play an adjusted form of Hungry Hippos by urging people around the surface. Utilizing crates, they attempt to "eat" whatever number balls as could be expected under the circumstances. Hungry Hungry Hippos is a fun pass time activity.



Hunting or Chasing is the act of looking for, seeking after, and catching or executing wild creatures. People most usually do hunting for meat, amusement, to expel predators that can be unsafe to people or household creatures, to evacuate bothers that annihilate harvests or domesticated slaughter animals, or for trade. Hunting as a leisure activity can be one of the most worthwhile diversions you will ever create. You don't need to be an ace painter or a writer to get a return; even a modestly effective tracker will handily pay for his/her leisure activity. Chasing is hugely testing and compensating on a wide range of levels.

Hurdy-gurdy playing.jpg


The hurdy-gurdy is an instrument that produces sound by a hand wrench turned, rosined wheel scouring against the strings. Tunes are played on a console that squeezes digressions—little wedges, commonly made of wood—against at least one of the strings to change their pitch. If you want to try a hobby with exotic instruments, this is the one. The instrument is very sleek and classic in design. Playing and learning this instrument will be a great hobby. It helps you to relax in stressful situations, and it is also great to help with meditation.



Hurling is an ancient Irish game and has played for a long time. Hurling shares some rules with football. The game is played with a wooden stick, which is known as hurl and a small ball sliotar. Games like this build sportsmanship and help you learn honest and fair playing. This hobby is best to adopt when you have a ground to play it. This game provides many health benefits. It also helps you create your social skills like teamwork, communication, and coordination.

Hydroplane racing.jpg

Hydroplane racing

Hydroplane racing or hydro hustling is a game, including dashing hydroplanes on lakes and waterways. The game has ancient inceptions and has been played for a long time. One of Ireland's local Gaelic games, it imparts various highlights to Gaelic football, for example, the field and objectives, the number of players, and much terminology. A hobby like this is not shared and also requires a lake or stream to practice. So this hobby is practical for those who live near a lake or an area where they can practice hydroplane.



Hydroponics is also called hydroculture, which is a technique for developing plants without soil.  Hydroponics is the best way to grow plants in a small place. The supplements utilized in hydroponic frameworks can emerge from a variety of various sources, including fish waste, duck excrement, bought substance composts, or fake supplement solutions. Plants ordinarily develop hydroponically on dormant media, incorporate tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuces, etc. Hydroponics is the best planting method to learn as it can grow with little supply of water. As we are depleted of water, it will be convenient to acquire these handy techniques as a hobby.



Hypnosis is a human condition including centered consideration, decreased fringe mindfulness, and an improved ability to react to suggestions. Self-hypnosis is practiced as a hobby by those individuals who want to know more about themselves. They want to achieve a more self-conscious state. Self-managed hypnosis is one of the most utilized kinds of entrancing with regards to utilizing spellbinding as a side interest. Much the same as the name presents, self spellbinding happens when an individual uses mesmerizing to enter themselves. A typical bit of leeway they gain with utilizing self-directed mesmerizing is an inspiration. Inspiration can have to be used to decrease pressure, get in shape, or even quit smoking.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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