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Deciding Extreme Airsport as a Hobby



What are air sports? 


They are the set of sports disciplines performed in flight or in free fall that requires a good physical capacity, in addition to skills and ability, you also require passion to do it.


This category contains many different activities with the same purpose, that is: ''make you get the best life experience''. It will definitely be worth it to take some time to analyze the air sports as a hobby that you should practice at some time.



Top ten Air sports as a hobby


These are the most preferred and practiced air sports:


1.   Wingsuit: Involves jumping from a plane or helicopter, dressed in a special suit designed for jumping from high places.


It is a demanding sport, you will experiment a lot of adrenaline and it should be taken with a lot of caution, enrolling for courses and searching for necessary information before giving it a try is imperative, this is due to the level of risks involved in this sport. But, the wingsuit offers one of the most incredible experiences without a doubt, and it is also one of the most dangerous activities that exist within this category. I invite you to try this challenge anytime.


2. Skydiving: It is another sport that requires extreme discipline like any other on the list. Probably you've heard of it due to its popularity. It involves jumping from a great height from an aircraft, where one takes a free fall until reaching a specific height in which the parachute is deployed to control the fall and facilitate safe landing.


Skydiving was used as a means of transport of inanimate materials and it was not until 1950 that it was recognized as an international sport, where great professionals compete in different subdivisions of skydiving.


3. Paragliding: It is the most recommended for those who want to start with these sports, because it evaluates the person's control capacity in these situations where a panic attack is very common, and they are accompanied initially by instructors to avoid associated risks as it is the case with the previous air sports. However, it requires a great discipline and strict obedience with safety regulations. It is also characterized by giving more control to the athlete and allowing the simpler handling of the sail.


4. Hang gliding: It is a sport that flies under the same principles as a plane, consists of gliding in the air with a specific equipment and a sail, without motor, that is made from great height and at low speeds; the pilot can stay in flight for long periods and perform stunts if he wishes it. In addition, this glider can be transported, take its flight and landed with only the legs of the person.



5. Race of aerostats: It is a race where speed is not of concern, it is based on precision, because it involves driving balloons and whoever gets closer to the target is the champion.

Aerial acrobatics.webp

6. Aerial acrobatics: Considered also as one of the most extreme sports, here the athlete in charge of an aircraft must perform different maneuvers with high precision, but nevertheless extensive prior studies and practice is a must, because of the risks involved but the adrenaline that you feel is totally spectacular.


7. Aeromodelling: It is also considered as an art, requires scientific, technical and social knowledge because it deals with the design and construction of aircraft on a scale model, trying as much as possible to be as similar to existing models or simply as own designs and later make them fly, where they are usually navigated by remote controls.


But if you are just starting, in the market you will find previously established models that will help you take the first step in this sport; although it is worth noting that it is an expensive hobby, the biggest investment is probably the one that you make initially when you buy the equipment and main materials.


8. Paramotor: It is an adaptation of the paraglider, that unlike the paraglider with the paramotor equipment, you do not necessarily need to take off from a height, but it could be from a flat surface; besides that the speed is given by a small motor. It is an easy, safe and economical way to travel because the armament does not exceed 40 Kg.


9. Parasailing: it is more of a recreational activity than a sport, as it is offered in some tourist centers because it gives a unique perspective on the landscape. Although it does not require great skill, pilots must be aware that the activity is not without risks.


This is because the pilot is tied to a harness that is connected to a specially designed parachute and that is towed by a boat or land vehicle, which may or may not (depending on the power of the vehicle) transport one person or several. The tow rope goes between 30 meters and 90 meters long. It should not be confused with the sport of paragliding, which has the great difference in that paragliding is driven by the wind.

10. Skysurfing: It is quite similar to the parachute jump, the difference is that when jumping from an aircraft, they do it with a board on their feet that allows the athlete to surf in the air and then deploy the parachute to finally land. A challenging experience without a doubt.

There is a large number of air sports as a hobby and a profession, more than those mentioned here, many of them are also known as extreme sports because of the risks involved. But we must realize that these are experiences that are not lived daily, motions that do not repeat themselves and if you have a hobby in mind, these are your best option when we talk about adrenaline, they will make you feel alive, and the view is spectacular.



Clear your mind of all the problems that overwhelm you at the moment, because your mind will only take care of living and save every memory you can and simply enjoy the beautiful landscape because the earth is rich in them.

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