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How you too can start antiquing as a Hobby

Of all the hobbies out there, nothing can be more satisfying than the love for collecting antiques. If you want to pursue antiquing as a hobby, sure it will take time and effort to get started. But, once you look closely into these antiques and start shopping you will find it extremely engrossing.


The best thing about developing a hobby for antiques is that you just don’t know what you may happen to come across next. Most hobbyists find antiques very, very interesting.

To acquire a keen eye for collecting unique antique pieces, you must first study the various genres and styles classified for each type of collectible. Knowing the genre of antiques that attracts you the most is a good way to narrow down your search and look for the right items.


The fact is collecting antiques for pleasure or profit is a truly rewarding hobby. To start a collection, it is possible to choose one piece and then continue expanding these, one by one, or even buy something totally different.

Collecting antique pieces that you really like is a starting point. As long as you would want to have something for the years to come, it is worth collecting.


Proven ways to become an antique collector 

Understand your interest first

The first tip is to understand what interest’s you as an antiquing hobbyist. Do paintings appeal to you, furniture, or even tiny thimbles. The unique thing about an antique collection is that no two pieces can be the same. This is a brilliant aspect as you can get surprised all the time with such diverse items. In fact, you can pick anything to collect.

Sometimes, hobbyists display items that they’ve collected for years. At that time they may not have termed it as a hobby, but with time and their ever evolving interest for the collectibles, they may have a good number of items from their childhood already. Many antiquing hobbyists have a whole lot of pieces in their home. So, you can basically start, if you already have such items.


Read informative resources like books

Once you have decided what to collect, read up as much as you can about these antiques. A good source of information would be to speak to experts and researchers who may have good knowledge already. Knowing your collection well makes it even more interesting and a thing of pride.

Furthermore, these enthusiasts can tell you what to look for, where to look, and their experience collecting these items. Also, one important benefit of acquiring as much knowledge as possible is that you will also be able to spot the fake and imitation pieces!


Learn how to choose

When you approach collectible enthusiasts, the most vital thing to learn from them would be how to identify and obtain clarity about the pieces before you buy. No matter what antique you choose, know the hallmarks and other special features that separate the genuine from the ones that are fake.

Also, know which pieces can be considered as collectibles and why? Gather as much information about these basic aspects that will improve your chances of buying the right stuff. This will increase your love for antiquing and you will cherish spending time and resources on your hobby.


Know where to find

Make sure you spend your time to find out where you can locate these antiques. Know about the antique shops, second-hand markets, and auctions to collect interesting and valuable items. If possible travel to the various countries where these pieces were originally made. This way you can get nearer to the source.


Have a keen eye

Having a sharp and keen eye for details will enable you to collect items that have a high treasure value and also enable you to distinguish that which is not valuable even though it appears so


Study the market

The market offers a wide experience for a person who wants to start antiquing, so before you get started, carry out a market research and learn the trends of collecting and selling antiques. You can also move around antique markets or attend shows which will give you a clear picture of how to begin you would not want to start blindly and end up collecting trash instead of treasure.


Understand basic logistics

It not only takes times to find something but also moving it from one locality to the other can be time-consuming as well. The logistics involved before you sell an item include cleaning it after buying then modifying it before storing it. When selling it you have to pack it and transport it and also provide insurance for the items.


These several steps make it quite difficult for you to make money and realize actual profits. Another hurdle is that it is difficult to penetrate the online markets as eBay give rules and requires fees which are destroying the market.


The market is open

The antiquing business has no specific niche and retailers can sell anything that they are attracted to and like you also don’t need proper schooling or certificate to carry out this business you just pick what you think is best and can easily sell polish It abit to enhance the look and viola you introduce it to the market.


Honesty and fairness

For you to thrive and be established in the antiquing business you have to develop a trustworthy character which can make buyers believe in you with their money and quality delivery of items.


Many successful business transactions have been as a result of buyers referring other buyers to a certain businessman not only because of their products but by proving that customers can trust him/her. It does not matter what you are selling if you can’t be trusted then there is no market for your items.


The best free resources for getting started with antiquing 

There are numerous resources which can direct you to the best places to get quality antiques that will not become dead stock and these include but are not limited to:

Online antique directories

This category includes sites like the antiques directory UK which provides information through directory books on the shops and locations where you can obtain quality collectibles. Antique for sale on Ebay



Antique for sale on Ebay


Get the best deals on Antique when you shop the largest online selection at

Online Malls

Some of the best online malls to resource for the antique items being sold in the world include ruby lane which is the most comprehensive malls online, which is the oldest mall selling antiques on the web and which is displays items and articles for sale.



Museums are great places to look for historical artifacts and vintage treasures because of their originality and place to source these items are:

• Glass museum an online site for glass antiques

• Circus museum the world museum that premiers the American circus of the First World War

• National clock and watch museum the storage place for clockmakers

• The Smithsonian institution the museum which contains numerous projects relating to the history of America in Washington


Antique publications

These include newspapers like

• Antique collecting UK which provides information and news for the antique collectors

• The antique trader that provides information about the antiquing auctions and shows

• Collectors weekly this magazine gives information on a variety of collectible articles.

• Collectors magazine is meant to target the collector's maps, manuscripts, and book



There are more ways in which you can build your hobby of antiquing. With the amount of knowledge gathered, you could also be that resourceful person whom others would want to learn more from.


Antique collection that makes you happy and proud is well worth spending for!



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