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Looking Through Telescope

Astronomy as a Hobby

If you are fascinated with the cosmos, life beyond planet earth, looking for Vulcan or Coruscant, then this is the hobby for you, Astronomy, or more commonly known as Backyard Astronomers. 

Astronomy is a branch of science that studies celestial objects, space, the physical universe as a whole and other phenomena in the universe. Astronomers apply mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to explain the origin and evolution of the universe.


Objects of study are such as planets, moons, stars, comets, galaxies, gamma ray burst, supernova explosions and microwave background radiation. Astronomy is one of the oldest branches of science as recorded by all ancient civilizations from Babylonians to Mayans they all performed methodical observation of the night sky. 



Well, if you have decided to follow astronomy as your hobby and become a proud member of the Backyards Astronomers community, the first obstacle you have to tackle is what telescope to choose (Remember, the telescope is for looking and the sky, not to spy on your neighbors like James Stewart or Shia Lebouff). 

There are countless telescopes to choose from and even worst there is little information about which ones are good, bad or regular. But, in the end, it will all come down to your budget, there are some good prices online for full kit telescopes that are accessible. 

Astronomy is a fun hobby with many enthusiasts around the world looking up to the skies. Most serious backyard astronomers will turn to specialized books and magazines on Amateur Astronomy, these popular magazines can be Astronomy Now, Popular Astronomy and Australia Astronomy Magazine.


Besides offering an array of scientific articles written by both professionals and amateurs regarding astronomical activities, you can also find information about local retailers selling telescopes. 



Another step to take towards Astronomy as a hobby is to look for local Amateur Astronomy clubs, usually, memberships are open to everyone who wants to join, this is an excellent opportunity for you, who just picked up the hobby, to ask all the relevant questions and clear any doubts, they will also keep calendars off all major events occurring in our galaxy. 



Major players in the Amateur Astronomy scene worldwide have created this Star Parties, they could be essential for you, who've taken the hobby of amateur astronomy, an opportunity for every backyard astronomers out there to meet, share experiences and your overall passion for looking at the cosmos.


It’s a guarantee that your curiosity will be satisfied by this parties. 

Another good point for these parties is that they normally take place in areas which have minimal light pollution (Which is like your nemesis in the Amateur Astronomy Hobby World) so you'll get the optimal experience looking at your favorite celestial bodies up there. 


Astronomy is definitely one of the most interesting hobbies out there to take part in, the universe is filled with wonders you can explore in great detail to go where no one has gone before or something like that... 




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