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Creative Writing as a Hobby is an Absorbing and a Liberating Experience



Everyone has a novel in them - very rightly said. Creative writing is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can have and not necessarily aspire to achieve overnight publishing success!


Finding your creative outlet is reason enough to pursue a hobby as a creative writer. There are many reasons why you should put value in the ability of expressing thoughts and feelings through words. With a creative writing hobby, you get a sense of well being. 

Why do you need to write?

Not everyone can openly express and voice their opinions. It is very comforting when you can write about it all. In fact, there's nothing wrong in writing what your creative bend of mind is thinking.


The age old tradition of journaling is still very much used and is a rewarding experience. Your life and things that concern you is a story that must be penned down.


Everyone's journey is different and interesting too! So, write it down and allow yourself that great release with this incredible therapy.

Family history writing is also a good reason why people write creatively. Many people with the urge to know more about their family and the history associated with each member has been a practice for centuries. Even the earliest of civilizations used to write creatively, and perhaps is still one of the best things in life.

There is a popular television show also "Who do you think you are" that lets viewers see the family history of celebrities.

First rule of creative writing: Just write! 

Quite simply, many people who think about pursuing a creative writing hobby, spend too much time thinking about it. To start, make a note of the things you see, your thoughts, people you meet, and keep a record of snippets of conversations. A habit of taking note of anything and everything is very rewarding for the creative writer to flex the muscles of creativity!

Set aside time to consider your thoughts on the materials that you have gathered and write using the information. Choosing to research on a particular topic that you find interesting is also a great way to get your creative juices flowing.


If at all you can't think of anything, just look outside your room window or set out on a journey, record your experiences. Write anything at all to give you the natural flow of words. By knowing your thoughts and giving words to them you will have the best idea of the story you want to create.

Is creative writing a serious pursuit?

When creative writing becomes a hobby you want to explore more, you can continue to write and publish your content. Plan, experiment and enjoy by exploring new ideas to express your creativity.


If your experience is enjoyable, it obviously makes a huge difference to what you write.

And finally, write regularly. A form of creativity needs to be a habit for you to truly reach your potential. Pick a regular time for you to sit and collect your thoughts first before writing.


If you stick to this process for two weeks, you will surely see a huge improvement in your creative writing flow and style.

Write more - the more you write, the richer will be your creativity. Learn in which ways you write more effectively that motivates you to try the next.


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