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Fishing hobby

Fishing as a Hobby


The fishing word comes from the Latin "piscis" means "fish", but the dictionary of the real academy the word fishing is defined as "action and effect of fishing".Fishing is hunting for fish and other marine species that can be found like crustaceans that are fluvial species found at all depths and in various places of the sea, clean water, and fresh water, the mollusks are those who are made up of metazoan types of bilateral symmetry and other invertebrates that are animals which belong to a varied group, without taxonomic or systematic value, but are also in mammals in case of oriental cultures.

On the other hand, fishing is a main economic activity, which man practices, since he learned about the existence of fish in the water. When they are in their natural environment, they are called fishes, and those that fish are known as fishers. So that they can fish they have to do it manually, it can be by fishing rods or by nets.

Fishing can be classified into two categories which are freshwater fishing, maritime or oceanic waters.

The freshwater fishing is done in rivers and lakes such fishing is not as speculative importance it’s used domestically as a source of food.

Marine or oceanic fishing are those that are located in three forms:

In bark fishing 

It’s the fishing that takes place near the coasts.


It’s the fishing that takes place a great distance from the coasts and fishers take a lot of time in the ocean/sea.


It’s the fishing that takes many months into the sea.

If you want to learn to master the art of fishing in both sea and river you must know each and every one of the secrets that fishing holds. Perhaps you think that starting to practice fishing should be a very complicated activity, but not at all, besides being a sport suitable for all ages, it can be practiced as a hobby either by an individual or as a family.Here you will be able to find the best ways, tricks and tips on how to fish correctly, safely and have fun.

We will provide you with a step by step guide so that your beginnings in fishing as a hobby will be as simple and easy as possible. We teach you how to fish tents or trout in the river, how to fish octopus or sea bream, all the styles and species of fish you can imagine, but, to have a greater advance knowledge you must practice everything you have learned, in order to become an expert in the world of maritime or river sport fishing. First of all, we give you some tips and basic notions so you can start practicing fishing as soon as possible and with all the guarantees of success and in a correct way so that when you reach a higher level we can continue to advance together in this wonderful hobby you have chosen. Are you ready to be in contact with nature?


A step by step guide and techniques for fishing 

First of all, we must choose a suitable place to launch our gear, if we do not know the area, nothing better than asking natives to indicate the most suitable places to fish. If we are in the interior, rivers, lakes, reservoirs or ponds enabled for fishing it will be an ideal place to start practicing. Choose a quiet area outdoor in which we feel comfortable, clean and without external distractions that may bother us and the fish in our first fishing days. You should take an extra dose of patience, as we will spend several hours and, in our first days, unless we have the luck of the beginner, we will not have many bites.

To have more information, a very good trick is to go to a local fishing shop, there are usually amateurs and you can take some advice that will undoubtedly be very useful to learn how to fish in rivers or in the sea. The fishermen as usual are envious of their fishing areas, this is so when a place is known for having large catches, this position will always be full of older fans than you and therefore the ideal thing is to look for other areas less massified, do not worry, there is fish for everyone.

To start learning how to fish in coastal areas, sea or ocean, your first steps are similar, although you should be more careful because the shores and breakwaters which is salty can be more dangerous than river waters, due to treacherous waves of the sea, , which can blow us into the sea and soak us easily. It is true that you will have to have a fishing license for most places where you go to practice your favourite hobby, in addition, good fishing equipment is of importance depending on the technique you are going to use and the type of fish that you are going to fish, the possibilities are endless but do not be scared, at first a simple rod with a good bait will suffice.

Once again the natives can help us a lot. The variety of fish on the coast is huge and it is not easy to have control of each of the species that inhabit a certain area, this knowledge will only be acquired over the years of experience, but now, fishermen or specialized shops will help us to know what kind of baits are used, which fish type majority and which are the most active areas so that our fishing day is a success.

If you like the world of fishing and want to make it your hobby and learn all the secrets and tricks that this fascinating world hides, do not miss any details, here you will be able to learn how to fish all kinds of species, from fishing octopus, trout, goldfish, calamari, how to fish with or without cane, with lures or bait, from shore in sea or river, endless possibilities that this great sport offers us. One of the main characteristics of the fisherman is his respect for the environment and the marine fauna, since without them the fishing would not make sense, keep in mind these tips and you will be able to become a great fisherman and in a short time, take care the ponds and beaches and they will give you back great and exciting days of fishing.

Reasons to practice fishing as a hobby 

- Fishing requires a direct "deal" with nature.

We hear many times that "I'm going to the country, to relax." In a mostly urban society, everyone is aware of that need for "escape" that only nature can give us. The incomparable setting that fishing offers, both on the river and in the sea, makes this activity the perfect excuse to enjoy the outdoors.

- Fishing "makes friends".
We love telling all our friends: talking about fishing trips, articles, catches ... When you like real sport fishing, you enjoy, even without taking the rod. And nothing better than sharing your fishing trip with a friend. Over time, it may become a future companion of fatigue.

- Practicing sport fishing develops the capacity for observation, reflection, interpretation, etc.

If the good fisherman can boast of something, among other things, he is an observer: he knows the behavior of the sea, the tides, the atmospheric variables, and the lunar calendar.

- The practice of fishing awakens positive attitudes related to the natural environment.

The fisherman is the first interested in the conservation of the natural environment (thanks to him he can enjoy his favorite hobby). Knowing and valuing the environment will be the starting point towards a conservationist conscience.

- Fishing teaches you to eat well

What one fishes fishing tastes better, neither more nor less. The guarantees of freshness and quality offered by the fish that we fish do not allow any discussion and, in a way, are the best rewards for the effort of a whole day.

- Fishing stimulates the eagerness to know new places, to travel

When we have combed our entire coast or we have approached all our rivers, we always look for new horizons to undertake the next adventure. Fishing becomes, again, the perfect excuse if what we want is to know "world" with the "cane on its back".

- Fishing generates employment and wealth

Specialized brands, shops, fishing trips.

- Fishing is a healthy activity
No fumes, no cars, no noises.


Fishing is a thrilling hobby that requires being done right for it to work. It is also an escalating hobby which allows you to experience different levels of mastery. This means that you will have the ability to determine your level with time. It is also a great hobby to pass time with with your children or grandchildren. One of the biggest challenges for most is the lack of information which then makes the whole ordeal frustrating. Having the right information and a guide at best will save you unnecessary learning experiences and time. Taking time to invest both regarding time and money will ensure that you have some of the most memorable experiences over time. Joining fishing clubs and groups will also enhance the experience since you will work in close collaboration with folks that have the same interests as you. It is not an expensive hobby to start which is why it is worth a try for anyone looking for one. 


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