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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Modeling clay art.jpg

Modeling clay art


modern jousting.jpg

Modern jousting

Jousting is an Olympic sport in which two participants attack each other with wielding lances with blunt tips to unhorse each other. They ride toward each other. It is an ancient pastime since the middle age. If you can want to be an athlete professionally this game can be a good hobby as a career maker.

Modern pantathlon.jpg

Modern pantathlon

Modern Pentathlon is an Olympic sport. In which five events are combine like fencing swimming riding shooting and laser running. Athletes gain number for each event and their scores combine to give overall results. If someone wants to be a professional athlete in the future, choosing pentathlon as a hobby can be perfect. Moreover, it provides you some outlet to reveal your hidden abilities.

Molecular gastronomy.jpg

Molecular gastronomy


Monopoly deal card game.jpg

Monopoly deal card game

Monopoly Deal is a card game in which 101 cards are required to complete the deck. This card game is quite fun for family and friends. By playing this game, you can be together with your family and friends.

motorcycle arranging.jpg

Motorcycle assembling


mosaic art.jpg

Mosaic art

You may have seen some decorating pieces and paintings made with stones, wood in art galleries, or the buildings. These coherent patterns made up of irregular stone, wood, or ceramic held on the plane surfaces. Ancient people of every religion used mosaic to decorate the place of their worship. This art lost its importance in the 19th century. Nowadays it is a kind of abstract art.

Moss Plants Growing.jpg

Moss plants growing and transplanting

If you are tired of struggling to grow grass in your yard then it will be a perfect idea to grow moss at their and make that place shady and green. Moses does not need much care like other plants. You need to keep the yard moist. To transplant moss firstly clean your yard and provide the same environment, find moss near you and press the chunks of moss in your yard and keep the ground moist. It is a good pastime and it keeps your yards beautiful and green.

Motorcycle stunts.jpg

Motorcycle street stunts

Motorcycle riders are familiar with motorcycling stunts. These stunts are controlled attempts by the rider to defy nature gravity and the law of physics. Such stunts need many experience and professional skills otherwise; they may lead to serious injuries or even to death. These exciting pastimes are spreading among people like a forest fire.






Motorsports are the organized event of racing motorized vehicles like motorcycles or cars. These sports mostly prefer the dirt track like motocross.  These sports are classify as one wheel vehicle, two wheels vehicles, four-wheel vehicle racing, or formula series. In these sports participants cannot drift, demolition derby, rally, trials tractor pulling, etc. You can do motorsports as pastime this can be great fun but you need to be careful because it is dangerous.



Motorcycles are not rides they are feelings. It is not just a ride it is experience. Have you ever experience hugging the road when the blowing wind touches your body, feel the roaring sound, and feel the dips and curves, the whole world floats away.  Motorcycles are the freedom from driving in metal boxes. Motorcycle riding can be difficult at first but the rewarding experience in the world. 

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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