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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Mountain biking.jpg

Mountain biking 

Mountain biking is an incredible hobby that gives you an exercise without experience or gym. You can get the opportunity to spend time with people of the same interest, friends, and family. You can reshape your body with fun and passion. It also reduces stress from daily life and boosts your mind to take a new start every day. If you want some adventure in your life, grab your favorite bike and gear and go out.

Mountain Climbing.jpg

Mountain climbing 

Mountain climbing is like risky rock climbing because mountains made up of danger and drama. However, people who love mountain climbing think about fun and enjoy cannot stay away from the mountains.  It is not to go on climbing if you do not have any experience with it, it is better to get a guide.

Mountain Marathon Orienteering.jpg

Mountain Marathon orienteering

Mountain marathon is a sport like fell running in this sport participants divides into two teams A AND B. Participants have to spend two days with heavily orienteering elements and do fell running along with their food tents and other needs. Teams gain score by different events. Teams need high orienteering elements to be navigate. There are many events held annually like Marmot Dark Mountain, Scottish highlands, Mourn Mountain Marathon, Saunders Lakeland Mountain marathon, etc. People need to prepare themselves if they want to participate in this sport. Because mountains filled with danger and drama, it is permit for the participant to use orienteering elements like maps, GPS, etc.

Mountaineering hobby.jpg


Mountaineering is about hiking up steep rocky slopes for the sake of adventure and challenging yourself. This sport is full of danger and drama. You may have accidents during your journey but once you know how it feels when you reach the top of the mountain. You will not miss a chance to go up there. However, it is wise to go with a partner who has experience in mountain climbing or a guide if you do not have any experience of mountaineering.

Movie Memorabilia Collecting.jpg

Movie memorabilia collecting

Movie memorabilia collecting is collecting objects like costumes, shoes, props, etc. Fans collect these things. However, nowadays it has become a business. These items are sold independently, online stores wen auctions, etc.  Collecting movie memorabilia is a very expensive hobby. However, fans still collect memorabilia like posters, scripts, autographs glass slides, programs, storybooks, commercial collectibles, etc.

film review.jpg

Movies reviewing

Movie review has become quite popular these days. With numerous movie review sites on the internet, many people are writing genuine and helpful movie reviews. In addition to e-book writing, blogging and writing, website content writing, and article writing, companies providing online content writing services urge their copywriters to write reviews on newly released movies released. Individual film critics are also writing movie reviews. By going through the reviews, people can really make a decision about watching a movie.

Movie Soundtrack.jpg

Movie soundtrack

You may listen to the songs and see their video but have you ever think about creating your own. This is quite fun to create your soundtrack. Creating a soundtrack gives a sense of the effects of music and the effect of sound on visual imagery. Moreover, it polishes one's tech skills.

Mridangam playing.jpg


MRIDANGAM is an Indian originated high percussion musical instrument. MRIDANGAM is the main instrument in South Indian and Carnatic music. Playing MRIDANGAM can be fun as a hobby but playing MRIDANGAM as a profession or on a daily basis can be a cause of uneven shoulder.

Muay Thai.jpg

Muay Thai

Maui Thai is a Thailand originated sport. The participants of this sport fight to each other with fist, kicks, elbows, knees, and shins. Maui Thai is famous as the art of eight limbs. So, many contests held annually. Some schools offer lessons about Maui Thai. Maui-Thai can be a good pastime and use for self-defense.

Mud bogging.jpg

Mud bogging


Mud wrestling.jpg

Mud wrestling


Multiplayer online gaming.jpg

Multiplayer online gaming


muppets craft.jpg

Muppets crafts

Muppets are funny when you see them. Making Muppet is more fun. You can entertain people around you with your hobby. On the other hand, you can entertain yourself if you do not like socializing.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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