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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Museum visiting.jpg

Museum visiting

Museums are the source to learn about the history and skills of people before us. Museum visiting can be time-consuming and expensive but it urges to learn how to think unique, new, and make history. It also teaches subject-specific content and skills and expands knowledge.

Music Albums and Records Collecting.jpg

Music albums and records collecting

People who love music also love to collect records of music, poetry, drama, historically, speeches, or anything spoken they love. A song is nothing more than sound waves but these sound waves give you a magical feeling. However, when it comes to collecting music records nothing can be more valuable than vinyl records. In this era of technology, you can save anything in a small device but the feeling when you touch the rigid disc of vinyl and slowly put the needle on it is incredible. Collecting records is a splendid hobby. You may need some space for them but it is a valuable collection.

Music festivals.jpg

Music festivals

If you love music or are a staunch fan of a certain band, DJ, or even a musical festival, nothing will excite you more than seeing them perform live at your favorite music festival. Now, exotic music festivals are organized around the world, and millions of visitors visit them each year to see some of the biggest names in the music industry. There are many music festivals that host renowned artists every year.

Music lyrics.jpg

Music lyrics

Every music lover wishes to adopt the songwriting as a hobby. If you felt it to then it is the right to start now. You do not long courses or special classes to learn about songwriting but little fundamental information. These basics can help to create a melody to attract listeners. The lyrics should be interesting that the listener can relate it rather than a monotonous speech. Firstly, one thing that matters is the title it should hook the listener. Moreover, keep your song simple as much as you can and do not use complex words. After learning some basics, you can be a good writer.

Music memorabilia collection.jpg

Music memorabilia collection

Music refreshes your soul. For music lovers, collecting music memorabilia is extremely grafting hobby. Music can help you to fight with depression, stress, and anxiety. One who loves music urges to collect collectibles like the record, CDs, and audiotapes. Collecting memorabilia of your favorite bands, singers, and musicians gives you the relaxation that cannot be compatible with anything.

Music theory learning.jpg

Music theory learning

If you want to be a musician or composer in the future, you must need to learn music theory. Moreover, without music, you can speak with the composer. It may seem boring to take music theory lessons you cannot understand how to make harmony without knowing the theory behind the music you are making. You can start to take lessons from music theory at the high school level as a hobby.  

Music writing.jpg

Music writing

For writing, music is important to take learn about music theory. It seems boring to learn about funny symbols on the paper. However, it will help you to create your music. You can compose your music and adopting music composing as a profession.

Musical box.jpg

Musical box

We all had music boxes as birthday or Christmas presents in our childhood. It produces musical notes when we rotate the handle. However, have you thought about making one and give it to your love one. It has been years when it was invented but they are still worthy of giving as presents to loved ones. Moreover, you make and sell music boxes and make money from your hobby.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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