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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Bandura also name kobza, a stringed instrument of the psaltery family known as the national musical instrument of Ukraine. It is used mostly to go with folk music.  The instrument is played in a seated position, the body of the instrument held on the lap in a nearly vertical position parallel to the torso. The bass strings are plucked with the fingers of the left hand and the treble strings strummed with a plectrum held in the right hand.

Bang game.jpg

Bang! game

Bang! card game Even if you’re by yourself you can learn a new card game to play. Bang is just one of the many card games that you can play with your family and friends. Playing cards won’t just help you pass the time, it also exercises your brain to keep it sharp and help you focus.



Banjo is a traditional musical instrument of African origin. It is also popularized in the USA from the 19th century. The traditional Banjo has 5 metal strings which on resonating the produce a lovely and pleasant sound. Banjo is the best hobby for music lovers and musicians also. Banjo can be combined with different music instrument also to produce a fantastic pitch of the music.

Bansuri play.jpg


Bansuri is another musical instrument of Asian origin. Bansuri is made from Bamboo pieces with many small holes in it. It produces a magical sound when someone plays it. It has a very melodious pitch which makes it popular among the peoples of all origins in the world. You can learn to play it by only small practice. It is a really good thing to pastime.

barbecue meat.jpg


If you are a meat or mutton lover and want to find a suitable hobby for you, Barbecue is a gift for you. In Barbecue, the meat or mutton is cooked on grills with the help of coals. After cooking, salt and pepper makes it spicy and delicious, which everyone loves to eat. Food lovers are best enjoying persons of barbecue. In free time you can enjoy it while obtaining some carbohydrates and proteins from it.


Barber style

If you know how to make some pretty and elegant hairstyles, you should open a barbershop in your free time. It is a very beneficial thing because you can even earn while passing your free time. Many chances that this practice will make you the best barber in the future. You can also make happy your friends and family, by cutting their hair in different good looking styles.

barefoot running.jpg

Barefoot running

As the name implies, barefoot running is a type of running in which you rung without any footwear or shoes. It can be very healthy for your feet muscles. Always try barefoot running on the wet grass in the morning. It will both benefit your feet and your brain. Barefoot running at the bank of the sea or a river is also a fantastic idea. You can listen to music during running to get more comfort and calmness for your mind.



This hobby is perfect for coffee lovers. Barista is a man who knows the different styles of serving coffee to the people. You can turn yourself into a barista in free time and make splendid coffee designs for your friends and families. You can even open a shop of coffee if you have some skills in this fantastic art. Being a Barista, you can prepare different designs in the cup of coffee to attract peoples.

Barn sale.jpg

Barn sale




Baroque is an ancient style of architecture, fashion, music, and paintings, which was flourished in Europe in the 17th century. You can adapt to this kind of fashion and architecture in your free time. It will be a perfect hobby for you to learn the past European fashions and painting skills. The Baroque style usually uses very deep colors in the fashion and paintings. That is why Baroque is the best thing for deep color lovers.



Bartending or mixology is an art of mixing different drinks in the bar to produce a people loving flavored drink. You can turn yourself into a bartender in your home or in the bar in free time to make some outstanding drinks for your family and friends. It is an ancient art that was established in Europe in 1825. You can open your own cocktail bar by practicing it for some time.

Base jumping.jpg

Base jumping

Base jumping is a kind of jumping game in which a person jumps from a fixed high point to ground while using a certain safety equipment like a parachute. If you are an adventure-loving person than it is the best game for you. In base jumping you can feel yourself flying in the air like birds. You can start jumping from less high points and when you are experienced than try more high points.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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