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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Baseball Player


Baseball is an international game that is recognized worldwide. It is used both as a hobby and an exercise for fitness and health purposes. You can play it with your friends and family in your free time. As running is also involved in this game, it will make your legs and heart strong and healthy. You can even try this game on your lawn initially.

Basketball Game


Basketball is another Olympic level game in which the goal of a player is to put the ball in the basket. It is an outstanding game for health and fitness. As a very small place is needed to play it, you can play it in your lawn. It has dual benefits for you as you can pass your free time as well as build your body and make you healthy. While jumping in the Basketball, your heart and lung’s blood circulation increase which makes both of them strong and healthy.

Basket weaving.jpg

Basket weaving

Basket weaving is the process of making different types of baskets, mats and mesh bags by weaving or sewing pliable material. Basket weaving is a type of creative hobby. You can use different pliable materials for this purpose such as straw, oak, willow or stems of different plants. Many books are available on Basket weaving in the market. You can learn it online also. After learning Basketweaving, you will able to make masterpieces which you cannot even use yourself, but you can also sell them to generate some income.

Basque pelota.jpg

Basque pelota

Basque Pelota is actually a modification of the squash. It is a game played with a ball and something to hit it. Traditionally, it is played by a racket, a wooden bat, or thick hockey like handle. In this game, the player hit the ball with the bat in front of a wall or opposite team. A minimum of two people can play this game easily, but you can play this game alone if you want. It is a very health-friendly hobby which you can do on the lawn of your home or in a big room.

bass drum.jpg

Bass drum

Bass drum, which is also known as kick drum, is a large cylindrical drum which on striking produces and sound of a certain pitch. If you are a band lover, you can adopt this hobby. It needs practice to master the bass drum that is why you should practice it in your free time. You can beat it among your friends and family.

bass guitar.jpg

Bass guitar

Bass guitar is the low pitch member of the guitar family. It is also known as electric bass. It has strings the same as other guitars. With their six strings system, it produces a unique and melodious voice and sound. It is the best hobby for guitar lovers.

Basset horn instrument.jpg

Basset horn 

Basset horn is a musical instrument of the clarinet family, which was invented in 1760. It usually like a bass clarinet instrument having a unique tone and sound pitch. You can learn it in your free time if you are a traditional music lover.


Bassline playing

Bassline is a music style term which very ancient but modified nowadays. If you like the music of different styles than this hobby is best for you in your free time. Bassline music styles usually include Jazz, blues and funks, etc. You can enjoy all these styles of music in your free time.

bassoon instrument.jpg


Bassoon is a woodwind ancient instrument, which is used to play all kinds of music which was written in the bass and tenor clefs. It is best for music lovers of any kind of age. You can learn to beat it in your free time and practice it in your home.

bath bombs making.jpg

bath bombs making

Bath bombs are trendy things and everyone loves them. However, they are a bit costly. If you want to make your bath bombs and want to save a dozen you can easily make them. These can be perfect gifts for any occasion. Moreover, you can choose aroma, scent, and color according to your choice. You need few ingredients like baking soda, Epsom salt, corn starch, citric acid biodegradable glitters, coconut oil, essential oil food coloring, silicone molds. Making bath bombs can be a good pastime.

baton twirling.jpg

Baton twirling

Baton twirling is a sport of the national and international levels. Twirling is a combination of dance, flexibility, agility while manipulating a rode known as the baton. It is made of lightweight metal like aluminum and ends closed with rubber balls. You can do anything while you are manipulating the metal it all depends upon the audience that what they want to see.  Baton twirler needs guidance and lots of practice about how to hold manipulate baton. However, practicing as baton twirler can be a good hobby for one who wants to be agile and wants activity their life.

battleship game.jpg

Battleship game


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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