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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Book restoration.jpg

Book restoration

Book restoration is another wonderful hobby for books lovers. Do you know what book restoration is? No, okay that’s all right. When we think about book restoration the first thing that comes to our mind is to return a book in its original form with proper functionality. Another thing is that you can make a new look of your old books. You will surely enjoy this.

bookbinding hobby.jpg


Book binding is also a delightful hobby especially for those who have great affection towards books and love to take care of old books. Assemble the book physically and recollect all of its papers in order and bind those in perfect form. There are different types of book binding to save it from destroying. Sometimes books need a hard case to the replacement of its cover, and it is called hardcover binding. Some books need a soft cover binding which is made by cardstock paper.



Boomerangs are used for hunting from ages ago. This is a piece of wood which is designed as a curved flat piece. Some people know it as a hunting weapon and some are as a percussive musical instrument. You can use it for both purposes, what you like.

Booty slapping.jpg

Booty slapping competition


bossa nova.jpg

Bossa Nova music


boss monster card game.jpg

Boss monster card game

Have you ever heard about the Boss Monster card game? No? Okay, let me tell you what that is. It is an example of a standalone card game. It is designed for those who like to play classic games. It has awesome artwork full of geeky pop-culture references. There are 2 to 4 players needed to play this game and no need to buy any extra card to play. Mostly its duration is 20 to 25 minutes but you can play with more time. This will become your leisure time interesting hobby and you will use it for kicking out your bored time.

Bottle art.jpg

Bottle art

Bottle art is the process of doing artwork on different bottles. You are surely drinking in the bottles, and you will like more if the bottles look beautiful. That is why bottle art is best for you. You can make different designs on the surface of bottles with the help of air-dry clay. The procedure is straightforward. You have to wash the bottle first and then start making a design on the bottle. After this, let the bottles dry, and you will get a perfect design on your bottles.

Bottle cap collection.jpg

Bottle cap collection

Bottle cap collection is a very good hobby to pass your free time. Some bottles have metal caps and you can even sell them after collecting them in a huge amount. Some bottles have beautiful and colorful caps and you can make decorative pieces by stringing them. A beverage shop is the best place to find and collect the bottle caps. Collecting caps of the bottles which are on limited edition is not a bad idea at all.



Another interesting and mind blowing hobby is here which is good for your body and as well as for mind. It is similar to rock climbing but you can perform it on small rock formation and artificial rock walls. There is no need for harnesses and ropes like rock climbing because you can find support on artificial rocks. It is good to improve memory functions, creativity, physical fitness and concentration.

Bous a la mar.jpg

Bous a la mar

Bous a la mar is a festival which is practiced in Spain. This Spanish festival starts with bull chasing young boys. This festival is held in an especially designed arena which has four sides and three are closed with slides. And the fourth one is open to the seaside. You can enjoy this thrilling game as a participant or as a viewer.



Sometimes we are tied up with responsibilities and stressed out for some reasons. Then we want to relax and refresh our mind. So in this case I suggest bowling because it is one of the best ways to kick your stress and anxiety from your mind. Bowling is like a target game which is also called tenpins. In this game you have to roll down a heavy ball on a narrow lane to its other side where a group of pins are placed. Rolling ball has to knock down pins like an opponent. When you are knocking down those pins, actually you are knocking down that stress which is killing you inside.



Boxing is a well known game and a very good hobby for releasing unknown stress and depression. Nowadays people use to play boxing as a fitness exercise and it became a trend around the globe.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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