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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Bobbin lacing.jpg

Bobbin lacing

Bobbin lacing is an indoor art/craft hobby, where you will be creating different designs using threads and the results became elegant and delicate. Often house wifes participants in these types of hobbies but there are a lot of males and females who love creating these types of stuff. If you love creating art from your room and want to spend your time then this hobby can make you more creative, keeps you indoor, and also you can spend your alone time with it.



Bobsleigh/bobsled type of winter sport. In Bobsleigh you are riding on a steel sled and you are using gravity to run your bobsleigh. You can just enjoy this sport like skiing or other winter games. But you can also race and compete with others. Are you a winter sports lover then you have to give it a try.

Body art.jpg

Body art

As you can imagine from its name the body art is a type of art that consists or made on the human body like tattoos and body painting arts. You can learn it or you can create different types of art on your body showing your interests. Body art is a signature of your brain showing what your interests are, and it's easily recognizable between art lovers. Do you love these types of body arts? then this hobby is for you. it's your way to show the world who you are and what you believe.



Bodyboarding is actually a type of water surfing. In bodyboarding, the player rides on water waves in a prone position. It is the best game to experience the pressure and smoothness of the water waves. You just need a prone positioned water boat for playing bodyboarding. So what you are waiting for! Go to the nearest beach and start bodyboarding.



Bodybuilding contains physical exercises to improve your musculature strength. If you love building your musculature strength, your physical fitness, and if you love going to the gym for just being healthy and in shape. Then you must give 1 to 2 hours a day to your bodybuilding exercises. You can join a gym, join an online class or consultation, and you can even teach and monetize your skills to people in different ways. It's the best-growing industry you can start as a hobby.

Bohnanza card game.jpg

Bohnanza card game

Bohnanza is a german political card game where players have their cards in their hands and all players have to arrange cards when the cards are in their hands otherwise they are not allowed to rearrange them. Bonanza basically is a trading and political card game first introduced in 1997. If you are a board game lover, especially a card game lover then this game can be a better fit for you. It can teach you trading and politics around your friends.



If you like martial arts like kickboxing, boxing, judo, wrestling, MMA, etc then you have to know about Bokator. Bokator is also a type of martial sports, using weapon techniques to defend and escape from your enemies. And some researchers consider this combat game 1,700 old. It has different rules and techniques from other martial arts games like boxing, etc. But if you are inspired by martial arts then you have to learn this art of Bokator martial art.

Bollywood dance.jpg

Bollywood dance

If you ever watched any Bollywood movie or a dance scene then probably you know this Indian dance style. In Bollywood movies then use some music clips between the movie and then do dance in a very informal but traditional way. Some people love this traditional dancing style. And it's the biggest reason why many people try these dancing styles on social media. Try this at home if you feel like it's entertaining to make a video around it and post it on social media that's all you need to do.



Bonfire is an event of burning rubbish and waste material in a large but controlled outdoor fire as part of religious celebrations. People of Europe continents, still celebrate the bonfire of 16th January and a day before Easter. You can do bonfire in your house lawn with your friends and family. Bonfire in winter is special because there will be no problem with the fire in this type of weather.

bongo drum.jpg


Bongo is a pair of drums of different sizes and shapes to create different types of beats. This instrument was invented in Cuba in the early 1900s. Bongo drums are played with just using your palm and fingers, it doesn't require any additional tool to play. It's a quite simple and very enjoyable musical beat creating instrument and you can learn this by just watching a few YouTube videos.



Bonkei is a Japanese method of keeping plants and a landscape in a tray. Japanese use plats, rock, sand, and a small portion of cement for creating temporary or permanent landscapes in a tray. It's an environment loving art. People use this art to create and expose different landscapes of mother nature. And in Japan school teachers give assignments of Bonkei to their students.



Bonsai is a type of tree and it recognizes as a symbol of peace and balance. It takes so much time, hard work, effort, and patience to grow a Bonsai tree and it can take up to 10 years to grow a bonsai tree. This is the main reason why bonsai trees are so expensive. The expensive bonsai trees can be sold around millions of dollars. As it's a small size tree minimalists use this tree to decorate their homes and complete their hobby. But most people farm and grow this tree just for money. You can start this as a hobby and when your tree grows you can make a very good profit out of it.

Book collecting.jpg

Books collecting

Some people love to store different books. If you also admire it but you are confused, how to start. Then first you have to think about your major interest, if you literature then focus on following things:

1. What kind of literature do you like most?

2. Who is your most favorite author?

This is not necessary that you can collect the books of one author, you can buy books of different authors regarding your interest. Book collecting is an amazing hobby when you start it then no one can stop you from collecting different and unique books.

Book discussion clubs.jpg

Books discussion club

If you have a great interest in reading then you have to join any book discussion club as a new hobby. There you can meet different people with different perception levels. You can gather information from them regarding different books. It must be an interesting hobby for you because you can understand the feelings of others towards any author and the content of different books.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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