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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Broomball is a game similar to hockey and has some soccer rules and strategies, but broomball is only played in ice. It first started in Canada in the early 1900s. Broomball is played between 2 teams each team can have 6 players. Broomball is an interesting hobby to start even you can practice in warm weather but as it's an ice game, you can enjoy the whole experience in the ice.

Bubblegum Popping.jpg

Bubblegum Popping

From chewing gum to changing a gum into a bubble, this is the silent art of bubblegum popping. Many kids and teenagers love spending their time popping bubblegum. But for some people, this time spending habit becomes a hobby they love. But not by accident or loneliness, there are a large number of people who love this hobby and they spend a lot of time popping bubblegum.



Budgeting is planning your financial situation and deciding where to spend money and where not. Budgeting is something that every business owner/chair-person or every financial advisor would recommend you to do. But it's a very beneficial and interesting skill to learn. And a large number of people are doing this as a hobby.

buffalo race kerala.jpg

Buffalo racing in Kerala

Buffalo racing is India's traditional sports and is very famous in India's state Kerala. This is the mother place of this game. As horse racing and other types of animal races, the buffalo racing is becoming very famous in the past couple of years and people are doing this as a part of there hobbies. As buffalo racing is expensive if you want to own a buffalo and take care of your animal, but you can still enjoy by just being at the stadium and watching these heavy buffalo races or you can bet on these races and keep your hobby and soul fresh.

bug fighting.jpg

Bug fighting

This is a creepy hobby bye the way. So many people enjoy watching dogs fight or other birds fight but there are a large number of people who love watching bug fights. Some people even collect different types of bugs in a jar. And some passionate people also held competition contests of bugs fighting. You can watch their videos on YouTube.

bugle playing.jpg

Bugle (playing bugle)

Bugle is a musical instrument. And people love enjoying the bugle music and also playing bugles. Unlike other musical instruments playing the bugle is really easy and simple, due to it's simplest design. Because it does not contains any valves or pitch holes. Even in the military and in old age schools people use bugle as a signal for announcing scheduled and certain non-scheduled events. And this instrument was one of their main hobbies.


Buccina playing

Buccina is a historical musical instrument and was also very famous in the Roman military. As it's a part of history, many people enjoy collecting these instruments. But also so many people love playing this instrument even in this digitalized world. But as it's an ancient musical instrument, there is a misconception of people that no-one can teach people how to play it. But there are trainers and courses teaching how to play this instrument.

build bunker.jpg

Build a bunker to protect you from the apocalypse

Is building bunkers for preparing for the doomsday is a Hobby? In simple words, there are people who love this as a hobby and are promoting this idea as a hobby throughout the world. And it's a very important hobby of the current times. It is a safety or pre caution for the upcoming apocalypse and as the world is facing many challenges, now people are more likely to enjoy this hobby as it's a part of their life.


Building a house for habitat for humanity

This hobby is very similar to building bunkers for the apocalypse but here you aren't building a bunker you are building a house for yourself or for others, it's called Habitat house For Humanity. And it's one of the best eco-friendly and well-appreciated hobbies. People love building habitat houses and also there are several famous blogs and online channels that are making a very good income, monetizing their hobbies. You can find guides online on how to do this as a hobby.


Building dollhouses

If you found building bunkers and houses hard, then think about building houses for dolls. It is a very interesting and affordable indoor craft hobby to enjoy spending your time on. Especially for women and people who love spending their time on indoor activities. And also as people are monetizing their habitat house building hobbies online, there are a large number of people who are making a very good income running their channels and blogs on their dollhouse & craft building hobby.

building model.jpg

Building models

It's also one of the famous indoor and also very profitable hobbies. If you want to make your hobby your main hustle then this is the most recommended hobby than all others. You can make money selling your models and you can give your services online and also you can build your online brand around this hobby. Building Models are structures of homes, hotels, and other types of buildings that people need before start their construction. and people pay very well for it. As there is a very good demand for it, people are learning and enjoying this skill as a hobby.

Bulldozer driving.jpg

Bulldozer driving

Bulldozer is a very heavy, 4-wheel, tractor type vehicle which is usually used for diminishing and bulldozing large buildings. Well, it is not sort of a hobby because it is the work of very high responsibility; still, you can learn and practice bulldozer driving in your free time. You will find the Bulldozer in construction companies and Construction sites. You can get training in Bulldozer driving from specific companies. Bulldozer driving can increase your driving skills.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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