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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Bullfighting as another type of animal fighting game. But before thinking about making this game as your hobby first you have to research that if this is legal in your country because of its life risky acts, in some parts of the world it's banned and for other parts, it has different rules. But there are a large number of people who love this and want to learn this as their hobby. In bullfighting, a person shows their skills and abilities escaping from a bull. But unfortunately every year it cost many important lives. But this is one of the highly-rated games in the world.

bull racing.jpg

Bull riding

This is another type of heavy animal sport where a rider tries to ride on an aggressive bull for at least 8 seconds. Bull riding can be dangerous for people who just started. Without an export trainer never try this rodeo bull riding sport. As it's a risky but memorable sport, many adventure lovers do this as a part of their hobby.



The Bullroarer is also an ancient musical instrument, ancient people use this instrument to communicate on a long-distance but they also you this to create different music beats. Different sizes and shapes of Bullroarer can create different music beats. History lovers and music lovers collect these ancient Bullroarers as their hobby. And there is a very good market for these ancient Bullroarers if you have some real ancient Bullroarers, you can trade them for money or you can collate these instruments for your hobby.

bungee jump.jpg

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an activity in which performer jump from a high position like a crane, building, or a bridge while attached to an elastic cord. The thriller comes when jumping from an aircraft that gives a free-falling feeling. The cord can recoil back. The Bloukrans River used for firstly for a bungee jump. Bungee jumping seems quite fun but a dangerous hobby many people died while performing bungee. Moreover, it is a little pricy.

Buraco card game.jpg

Buraco card game

If you are familiar with the Rummy game, you can take the Buraco card game as a sister of rummy. This card game is played by four players in partnership patterns. The gameplay of the Buraco card game is based upon making combinations of a group of cards in a particular sequence. You can learn and play this game online with your friends and family members. It is an exciting and brain-enhancing game. It will also improve your thinking skills.



Burlesque is an art performance to bring the laughter in the audience that becomes vulgar and offensive. It was very popular in the early 20th century and began disappearing around the 1940s. However, it still has seen in independent venues in Las Vegas. It is vulgar, filled with sexual innuendo with low-class humor that makes it funnier.

bus spot.jpg

Bus spotting

Bus spotting is a new hobby in which one seeks to see all busses produced by a particular manufacturer. They are called by different names across the globe like bus fans, bus spotters, bus nut, and bus enthusiasts. One who chooses bus spotting as a hobby spends too much time outdoors with their cameras, notepads, etc. Some societies offer different events for bus spotters like rallies, depots, termini, etc. A spotting bus can be a good activity for those who love to be outdoor.

butterfly breeding.jpg

Butterfly breeding

Butterfly breeding is a rewarding hobby. Butterfly breeding is the practice of breeding of male and female butterfly or moth under a controlled environment for supplying the varieties of butterflies to zoos, universities, nature centers, butterfly exhibits, and other commercial facilities. Captive breeding of butterflies does not affect biodiversity. Moreover, butterfly breeding is quite fun for one who has a passion for it.

butterfly watching.jpg

Butterfly watching

Butterfly watching is a hobby. One who takes an interest in observing and studying butterflies can be a good butterfly watcher. Butterfly watch works on the principle of "catch and release" The Canada Day and Fourth of July are the annual days of the census of butterfly species by watchers. Some important locations of watching butterflies are Costa Rica, Amazon Basin, and sub- Saharan Africa. The country provides a proper framework for those who watch butterflies.

buttons collecting.jpg

Button collecting

Button collecting may refer to collecting various types of clothing buttons. The button can collect in a jar or a container. In the United States, there are many competitions are held annually for the button collectors in which the collector tells about the history of the buttons. Regional, State and local clubs meet to discuss their collections. However, it can be fun if one collects buttons just for relaxation and sheer enjoyment for self.

Buy and re-sell things.jpg

Buy and resell things

Buying or shopping is a common pastime for anyone but when reselling can be a good rewarding hobby. You need to find a good seller like eBay, Amazon, China brand, etc. Things you sell should be demanding and their shipping should easy because no one likes to ship heavy loads.  



Bouzkachi is a famous game of Central Asia and people have been playing this game for centuries but there are a few people who have knowledge about it. if you want to view this game it is too fascinating but if you like adventures then go and participate in it. Risk of injuries is high for players.

buzuk playing.png


Buzuq is an Eastern Mediterranean originated musical instrument from the oud family. It has a smaller body and a long-fretted neck. It usually played solo. Since the mid-20th century, it crossed over to mainstream pop Arabic music. It is an Arabic traditional instrument. Because of its popularity in the Middle East, it can be a rewarding hobby. 

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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