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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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calligraphy hobby.jpg


Calligraphy is an art of handwriting that goes beyond the sphere of expression and delves into the realm of mysticism. In fact, this art form has encouraged the adoption of a whole genre of calligraphic fonts such as Cassandra, Watermelon script, etc. Try practicing it and you might well be sucked into the zone of enjoyment.

camel racing.jpg

Camel racing

The notion of Camel Racing being a popular pastime only in Saudi Arabia will be laid to rest if you know the list of nations that practice the game. Truth be told, Camel Racing has a sweeping reach across countries such as Mongolia, Pakistan, and Australia. Professional racing events, having all the bells and whistles, are organized in these parts of the world where people from across the globe flock in large numbers.

camogie (1).jpg


Camogie is a stick-and-ball women’s sport played in Ireland and quite popular among Irish women, with over 100,000 of them playing it worldwide.  The sport is organized by Camogie Association, an organization based in Dublin. The All Ireland Camogie Championship is held every year and has a record attendance of 33,154. The game is played between two teams consisting of 15 players each. A variant of this game is also played by men.



Camping tends to be a summertime pursuit, and if you are truly enamored of nature, it has to be in your bucket list. Move outside the confines of your home and experience the treasure that nature is, via camping. An overnight stay, away from home, and that too in a tent or a vehicle can be quite an interesting event that can dispel the monotony of your life.

Campfire stories.jpg

Campfire stories


Canasta card game.jpg

Canasta card game

Canasta is a great way to enjoy yourself in the cozy corner of your house. This fun game of cards can last more than an hour and allow you to loosen up a bit. You need to get a combination of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank to form a meld, and melds score points. You can also use a wild card. The more melds you get, the more points you make, and as you soon you reach 5000 points, the winning is done.

candle making hobby.jpg

Candle making

Love creating stuff? Try candle-making! This activity has an air of creativity around it, and yet is so simple that everybody can try. Candles are endlessly customizable. You can mold the wax in interesting designs and patterns to beautify the ambiance. In fact, homemade candles are known for their aesthetic appeal and not just how long and bright they burn. Scented candles are also a rage—a perfect escape for this social distancing.

candy decorate (1).jpg

Candy decoration

Candy decoration, as showing from the name, is making decoration pieces from candies. This hobby is very much related to the children. Candy decoration pieces are the best gift for your child if you are planning your child's birthday. You can even make different models with candies such as candy land model. You can organize candy theme games for children in the form of a competition. Children love candies, and that is why candy decorations attract them very much.


Canning and Jarring

How about canning and jarring some of your most favorite fruits and vegetables and make some homemade pickles that tickle your taste buds? While this hobby is a time-sink for foodies, everybody can try it on a trot. However, before proceeding you need to wash the jars and lids in hot and soapy water in order to sterilize them. In fact, the best thing is to boil them for around 10 minutes.

canoeing as a hobby.jpg


Canoeing involves paddling a single-bladed paddle, and it’s mostly done as a part of recreation. The activity requires sustained muscle power to paddle through the water, and this is why it’s advised to have a partner. The two of you can paddle on the opposite sides and advance incrementally. If you engage in a competition with other teams, canoeing can become one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities that you can engage in.

canoe polo.jpg

Canoe polo

Canoe polo which also known as Kayak polo, is a water sport. In Canoe polo, each team consisted of 5 players, and they try to put the ball in the opposite goal, which also suspended in the water. Each player in the Canoe polo rides on a boat for playing. You can make a team of your school or college or even with your four friends to play this astonishing game. You can play this game on the beach and on the bank of the river. It is a very healthy sport which you can play in your free time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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