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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Friends Camping in Woods

Find Great Advantage Camping as a Hobby

When talking about camping, you may think outdoor activity with an overnight stay. Yes, camping is an outdoor activity. This activity requires you to stay away in a shelter.


You can make a shelter from a caravan or a tent. Some people also make a shelter from a motorhome. Some people love camping since they can spend time in more natural places with some activities that can give pleasure. They consider camping as a hobby.


Do you want to make camping as your hobby? It will be very interesting, I think. Camping can be done anytime in all seasons.

Camping is an important part of many youth organization. This activity can be used to teach teamwork and selfreliance. Youth needs this lesson. Because of its great advantages, in the early 20 century, camping became very popular activity. Camping grows with various activities.


Camping can be joined by hiking. Due to camping popularity, there are also some natural resources like state parks, commercial campgrounds, and wilderness areas prepared for the camping area. Now, you can easily find commercial camping ground.

When you choose camping as a hobby, you need to know that there are many forms of camping. You can choose one of the forms that you like to do.


If you love adventure, you can do adventure camping. At the day, you can do mountain biking or racing. You can explore the extreme route with your bike.


It can be an interesting thing when you are able to conquer the route. At night, you do not do many activities. The camping equipment needed include a sleeping bag, shelter, and camping stove. If you love water and fishing, you can try canoe camping.


You will need an electric motor to be inserted into canoes. Do not forget to bring waterproof bags. You need also fishing gear.


You can explore the water in order to get your desired fishes. If water and forest are not interesting for you, you can try dessert. You can do dry camping. Dry camping is commonly done in a dessert. The location is often known as dry camps.


In this camp, you should bring your own water since there is no preexisting water source in this site. You will need more preparations to do this camping.

Some people are still afraid to try camping. They think that they should bring bulky equipment. They are also afraid of the bad condition.


Actually, camping can bring pleasure. You can feel the nature. You can get the calm environment. You can get quality time with your lovely family. You can work together with your family. Being good team will increase your relationship. Do not hesitate to make camping as a hobby.


At this day, there is an improvement in camping. You can bring light and various gear. It can make you easier to bring the equipment.


You can choose the important equipment that you need for camping. You can also bring satellite phone or cell phone for emergencies. If you find hard condition, you can quickly ask help. 

The Best Free Resources for Getting Started With camping 

Going out to camp into the backcountry or the terrains, even if it is for few hours or a day or two can be an expedition every time. Wandering into the unknown for few overnight camping trips may require setting aside the amenities of modern life for a while.


However, there is some amazing way in which you can keep up with your camping hobby even more. Useful apps and guides are able to assist you outside. Get weather alerts or a map to support you greatly during these times.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on your fellow companions or a route map to be absolutely active and stay on track.


Those were the ties when the weather would play havoc and screw your entire trip up. Fortunately, you’ll find your spirit renewed today as sharing your adventure with friends or just backpacking alone for camping helps you reap the tremendous rewards.


Apart from helping you to become prepared about the challenges that the wilderness has in store for us, these days there are ample resources for you to learn about the gear that is appropriate for you.

A camping hobby is never considered complete unless you have some of these amazing fundamental things up your sleeves to get you started.


Here is a beginner’s guide to all you need to equip yourself, both in terms of gears and knowledge to go out there and remain successfully outward bound!


Essential camping gear checklist 

It is true that you learn about camping only through experience. But it is important to consider these very basic essentials so that you can start off really well.

Proper footwear

Of all the various stuff you require for a camping success, your footwear plays a major role. Always trek the hilly terrains wearing high-performance hiking shoes. The right product will keep your feet cool and dry, without causing any blisters.

Adjusting to temperature

On your camping hobby trips, you will learn more about the mountain weather. Avoid being taken off guard and always bring layers of clothing and a sleeping pad to avoid sudden climatic changes.

Right backpack

Avoid backache issues by using the right backpacks. Never carry in excess. Try to store your items in proper compartments to get them out easily when necessary. It might require few trips to start with your camping hobby and understand the mistakes you make while packing.

Making food for advanced planned trips 

When heading to the wilderness there are many recipes you could use to make food on a camping trip. Although, it would mean you’re backpacking for a longer tour.


Carry a lightweight stove and some cook sets. Here you will find these amazing camping recipes for serious hobbyists at Buzzfeed . Also, you could try these 28-finger-licking camping recipes that taste so good!

Get your proper shelter tents 

There are several camping tent options that can shield you from elements of weather and external factors. Always practice setting it up even before you head to your camping site.


Here are some of the detailed guides that you could use to set up your tent. Also, find some equally excellent sources for the upkeep and maintenance of the camping gear.

Learn more about the ultimate tent buying basics for camping hobbyists.

Know what things to look for when buying a new camping tent. Understand about buying sizes, features, tips to prolong life, and more.

Understand route maps with navigation 

Figure out where you want to go with the GPS to guide you. There are several books and other resources that will help you to decide which trail to take on your backpacking journey. Navigation is an essential skill learnt through these following resources:

Ultimate Navigation Manual by Collins
Know the basic principles of land navigation as an absolute beginner.

Be Expert with Map & Compass by Bjorn Kjellstrom
Get a deeper sense of compass to map with up-to-date website references, an ideal book for those starting with their camping hobby.

Knowledge of the fundamentals 

When out for camping, adequate knowledge is just an important attribute as the gear. To have a safe trip you need to practice some basics.


You can enroll yourself into these camping courses that allow students to start doing these shorter trips close to home. The following skills will help you enjoy your experience.

Rei free outdoor group programs 


Learn about the potential hazards 

It is important for you as a beginner with camping hobby to know about the environment you’re tripping in and its inherent hazards.


The criticalities could be anything such as hard terrains to trek, weather changes, or even critters. The conditions in which you start with your camping always vary from one location to another.

Learn how to navigate the terrain you’re entering into. Find a local trainer to see if they provide classes to teach proper camping techniques.


In many camping sites having hands on experience only raises your beginner camping hobby experience.

The Active Times 

Escape into the life of a camping hobbyist with insight about health benefits here. 

Best Medicine News 

Get to know about the common health hazards with camping. Understand about sun safety, water safety, Insect bites, food safety, and dire safety.


Learning the basics of first aid 

Consider knowing about the first aid essentials before you take up camping hobby. Know how to deal with those situations when something happens.


Sometimes you’re unsure as you how to prevent accidents from happening. Instructors will help you understand about first aid courses.


Also, you could associate with an expedition partner to get adequate knowledge about how to treat potential injuries during the trip.

Tripsavvy – First aid checklist for campers - 
A simple trip can get affected due to a cut or bruise.


Use this basic list or create your own for the wilderness. It is advisable to be prepared for camping accidents and have a well-stocked first aid kit.

Remember not to just head to your camping site without considering these factors.



Only when you’ve worked hard to prepare for the journey will you be able to get benefited from camping hobby trips in the wild! 





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