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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Cards Against Humanity.jpg

Cards against humanity

This is not a typical game of cards but surely can make an interesting and engaging pastime. Truly speaking, this is a little awkward game to even try. You may even find it despicable at first. However, as you keep on scaling into its universe, you may start growing interest in the game. This is a simple game that you can play with your friends. In each round of the game, one of the players would pop up a question with a black card, and others have to answer that with the funniest white card in their possession.

cards tricks.jpg

Cards tricks

Playing card tricks can give you a kick in the head. You don’t need to be a master of cards to play this. Simply learn a few simple tricks from the internet initially and improve at your own pace. To cite an example here, you can start with the trick where you let the audience pick a card and identify which it is.  

carnatic music.jpg

Carnatic music

Carnatic music can help you immerse yourself into a world of undiluted vocal aesthetics. It’s so soothing that you are sure to lose track of time. And, just in case you happen to have an affinity for the unique rhythm and tala of Indian classical music, you can’t find a better hobby than this.

Carnival (Take Part in carnival).jpg

Carnival (take part in carnival)


pitcher plant.jpg

Carnivorus plant growing

Carnivorous plant growing is one of the green and environmentally friendly hobbies. You grow carnivorous plants that trap and digest insects to raise the nutritional level of soil so other plants can grow more easily. It's also a great natural way of pest control.

carpet weaving.jpg

Carpet weaving

Carpet weaving is no easy stuff. However, it can certainly be a very engaging and enjoyable hobby to practice. You need certain skills to weave a carpet, and there are different types of techniques for weaving a carpet. The range of designs and effects that you can produce on a carpet is awesome. With some practice you can master these weaving techniques and give rise to exciting patterns and designs. 

carrom playing.jpg


Playing a game of carrom with your buddies, siblings, relatives, and others can really rake in tons of enjoyment. If you love playing carom and have a knack for it, you are definitely going to love it. You can even start a tournament with prizes to be won.



Cartography involves the creation of maps to help people find routes and understand geography. As a child, if you have been fascinated by the enigma of our planet, unraveling the art of cartography is a perfect hobby. Start with an outline, make traits for mountains, rivers, lands, and more, and realize the world the way you should. 

Cartonnage box making.jpg

Cartonnage box making

Do you love building and shaping interesting stuff? You should try Cartonnage Box Painting. Reimagining boxes (paper or fabric) into something meaningful, maybe a jewelry box or a broom holder, and coloring it to add some gravitas, can be pretty addictive. Just in case you need a roadmap, search YouTube where you can find the right tips and tricks to build your customized cartonnage box. 



If you are an art buff and have a thing for giving a captivating impression of objects, cartooning may well be your turf of expertise. Besides being a skill-building hobby, cartooning can help you venture into journalism and vent your views against everything under the sun, albeit with a metaphorical difference. 



Casino refers to a group of popular multiplayer (2 to 4 players) games played at casinos. It includes different games, such as card games, roulette, craps, pool, big six wheels, and poker. The players utilize their self-control to pursue satisfactory results. Casino games are also available online. So, if you're planning on spending a fun weekend with your friends or family members, nothing is best than casino games.

Cassette Tape Painting.jpg

Cassette tape painting

What if we tell you that the heap of cassettes you have in your house is all the treasure you need to have a creative hobby? All you have to do is take some old cassette tapes and paint them bright, using different shapes and patterns. Place them around the music corner in your house and add a flamboyant vibe. This is a fun pass time for anyone who loves to play with colors and wishes to invest time in exciting ways.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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