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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Aerial photography

Aerial Photography is the type of photography in which you will take photographs of the earth from an aircraft or other flying objects. Capturing beautiful scenes of the earth from a certain height is not a bad idea. This hobby is somewhat expensive because you need an aircraft or any other fly object to do Aerial Photography. If you have an arrangement of such kind of flying object, doing Aerial photography in your free time is not a bad idea at all.

aerial silks as a hobby.jpg

Aerial silks

The performance in which one or more acrobats perform while hanging from fabric (mostly rope) is known as aerial silk. The acrobats perform quite impressive and amusing acrobatics while hanging on the rope. Their safety relies on their skills and their balance. They use fabric to swing – wrap themselves, suspend, drop, and spiral in various positions. They use dried rosin spray on their bodies to increase friction.



Aeromodelling involves the technique and flying of small size air vehicles like radio Aircraft, gilders, paper planes, and boomerangs. It involves all aerospace, electrical, mechanical, electronics, and computer science skills and gives understanding about how these engineering techniques are involved in the aircraft industry. Aeromodelling is very expensive hobby. It is all about making things that can fly so that it requires quite a bit of time and resources for the designing of flying objects. It involves aerodynamics, control system, flight mechanics, and electronics.

africa djembe.jpg

Africa djembe

Djembe is a West African carved body of hardwood and untreated rawhide like goatskin. It can produce a wide range of sounds, which makes it the most versatile drum. These drums can help reduce stress and a good way to release tension. Moreover, it is a quite cheap instrument compare to the Western drum set.



Afropunk is the participation of black people and black Americans in a festival. In the punk, young black kids attempt to deconstruct the system of power and super-structures through art, music, and fashion. It is an initiative that artistically promotes a change against racism. It is an artistic, sexy, bold movement to spread anti-racism ideology.



Afrobeat is a West African musical genre that involves a combination of Fuji music, American funk, and jazz influences with a focus on chanted complex interesting rhythms. It was developed by Nigerian multi-instrumentalist FELA KUTI. 



It is African traditional music, which is vast and involves contemporary genres based on cross-pollination like blues, jazz; salsa, zouk, and rumba derive alternative degrees on musical traditions taken to America by enslaved Africans.



A French rapper Muhammad Sylla (MHD) is known for afro trap music. It is an emerging subgenre. MHD developed afro trap by blending typical trap music with the music of West Africa.



Agogo is a Brazilian musical instrument (primarily developed in Africa). It is a conical shaped painted steel bell. There could be one, two, or more bells chained together or held together with a welded stem. It is a high-pitched instrument with quite sharp tone. The agogo artists use a wooden stick to hit the bell and can clash them with carrier hand. You can play agogo as a hobby because when you learn to play any musical instrument you do not only enjoy it but also develop a skill for the rest of your life.



Agon is an ancient Greek term for contest and struggle. It can be a competition between athletes or in ancient Greek theatres contest between two characters. Moreover, the idea of the ballet was also known as Agon.



Aikido is an ancient Japanese martial art technique for self- improvement, and self-defense. Aikido is a combination of three Japanese words AI (harmony), KI (spirit), do (way). It is an efficient and ancient way to achieve spiritual harmony. Aikido is quite impressive martial art in which peoples only learn defensive techniques without causing any kind of harm to attackers. Only defensive techniques are used and no retaliations are done. Females can learn to defend themselves in dangerous situations, kids could learn this for establishing a sound self-confidence, for health, and adults can seek ideology of peace and friendship and could make their way through life.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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