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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Airboarding is a type of snow sport in which the participants slide over the slopes of snow by laying on an inflated board, usually known as a hoverboard. Air boarding is a perfect way of passing the time for the icing sports lover. If you are also one of them, you can try it in your free time. The only equipment you need for Airboarding is a hoverboard which you can buy from the market. You can even participate in a competition of Airboarding if you want to be a professional Airboarding player.

aircraft spot.jpg

Aircraft spotting

Aircraft spotting is perhaps a no-cost hobby. Hobbies like air racing and air sports can be expensive but aircraft spotting is total free of cost hobby where people collect  information about aircraft and about their routines. Like, tracking the movement of an aircraft, collecting information about their airports, even some people collect information like their air traffic control communications and airline routes. As this hobby is easy, free and you can do it from anywhere and any part of the world, many people are creating blogs and channels around this hobby and monetizing their aircraft spotting hobby as their profession.



The hobby of Airbrushing contains an airbrush (which is a small hand-held instrument),
and it sprays out paint, ink, and also dye. Artists use this to create a magical and high
level of illustrative content. And as airbrushing becoming more and more popular many
people are learning this as a hobby. And it is one of the profitable hobbies to have.

air racing.jpg

Air racing

Air racing is a type of motor racing and rules are very likely to similar as we have fixed rules in any other type of motor racing. The first air racing competition was held on 23
May 1909 at the Port-Aviation airport south of Paris, France. Many people consider air racing in the list of expensive hobbies in the world but as you get better at it, it can change your hobby into a very professional and profitable hobby.

air sports.jpg

Air sports

Air sports contain varieties of aerial activities. Aerobatics, Aeromodelling, Hang gliding, Parachuting, Air racing, Paragliding, and Skydiving are some famous types of air sports. Overal air sports are one of the best ways most people (even millionaires) like to do as a hobby. According to recent researches, Air sports can help you to feel young,  strengthens the immune system, removes waste from the body, it also stimulates your core muscles, and improve lymphatic flow. (different air sports have different pros and cons as well).



Airsoft is a shooting hobby and in the 1970s it became an international shooting sport. This hobby (sport) is played in teams where participants try to eliminate their opposite side team by their airsoft guns and spherical plastic projectiles used as bullets. Many famous video games like PUBG and CALL OF DUTY are made up according to the rules which are used in airsoft hobby and as the world is becoming more and more digital this hobby is making it's place in the virtual world as well. But the traditional airsoft hobby is also a physical sport which can help you to be in shape and physically strong.

Allotment garden.jpg

Allotment (start an allotment)

As this hobby of Allotment is a mind freshener and a healthy hobby for you, it also an eco-friendly and widely appreciated hobby. it can also make you money. Perhaps it is the only hobby that has the only plus sides without any downside. In places like Asia, people are making their living around this hobby.

All-terrain vehicle.jpg

All-terrain vehicle

If you are a vehicle lover then this hobby will perfectly suit your personality. All-Terrain vehicle hobby is a motor hobby. This hobby is famous between those who love vehicle racing sports, people show different types of stunts, and also they held races for their hobby. Overall this is a very exciting type of hobby, but like all motor hobbies, it cost you some money but still, you have very good chances of turning your hobby into your profession.



The idea of almsgiving is quite simple, it is giving out your extra money, food, or goods to someone who is in need of them (poor people). Most people connect this act to spirituality and religions. But almost every religion pushes their believers into almsgiving. It's a very respectful, necessary, and an eco-friendly hobby. And many well-known people (including Bill & Melinda Gates) are doing this and also recommending this hobby to everyday people.


Alphorn (playing alphorn)

If you are a music lover then you should also know about this hobby. The alphorn is a musical instrument. It is used to making different types of musical beats. But this musical instrument is quite longer than other musical instruments. It can be several meters long in size. Perhaps due to it's the longer size you haven't seen this instrument in a musical show but so many people are adopting this as a hobby, and the trend is going on and on. Even some people are making communities, blogs, and online courses to teach people how to use this instrument.

Alpine skiing.jpg

Alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is a type of skiing sport and is one of the best practices to improve your physical and mental fitness. People spend thousands of dollars and travel thousands of kilometers just for enjoying the experience of skiing. If you are someone from a cold snowy place then there is a better chance for you to learn Alpine skiing as your hobby. There are several ways people are monetizing their Alpine skiing hobby. If you don't know how to start Alpine skiing then don't worry there are online courses and academies to learn how to do Alpine skiing.

alternative rap.jpg

Alternative rap

Alternative Rap refers to a hip-hop music group that blur genres and draw from pop/rock, soul, jazz, reggae and folk instead of traditional stereotypes. Learning alternative Rap and adopting it as a hobby can make you a superstar. Playing and creating different music genres is a mood booster, and alternative rock fans around the world highly admire alternative Rap.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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