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These days, ceramics is a highly developed craft form, and is enjoyed as a hobby by many people. The simplest ways of forming pots are by the pinching, coiling or slab methods.   In contemporary, domestic terms, ceramics takes on a specific form of hobby, mainly the painting and ornamentation of green ware, usually pre-formed into all sorts of vases, plates, bowls, figurines, etc.

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Chain reaction building


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Chainsaw carving



Chalk art

Celtic music is defined as music that originates from the countries of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The people who live in these locations are known as Celts, which is how the music became known as Celtic music. Celtic music is best described as a type of folk music with a distinctive music and lyrics   The Celtic music is generally played in ensembles, with the melody instruments playing in harmony.


Chalumeau playing


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Chamber music


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Chant brings out all the positive energy inside you. Mantras turn around negative, repulsive vibrations into more positive and attractive vibrations. The chanting of one of the most ancient mantras. It raises devotion and deep reverence. It represents the change-less, eternal, all-pervasive Divinity. ... Chant along or simply let its divine vibrations resound in the recesses of your heart.  







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Chariot racing

Chariot racing was one of the most popular Iranian sports. Chariot racing was dangerous to both drivers and horses as they often suffered serious injury and even death, but these dangers added to the excitement and interest for audience. Chariot Racing, where horses pull along a driver riding a chariot, was the most popular sport in Ancient Greece. Chariot racing required strength, skill and courage, and was hardly ever done by the owner of the chariot, who was not even obligated to attend to the races.

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