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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Death Metal.jpg

Death metal 

Death metal or black metal is a type of extreme music in which heavy metal made musical instruments are used. Those people who love loud and intense music can adopt death metal in their free time. You can build your death metal band by involving some of your friends in it. It will be a perfectly tuned music for their listeners and lovers.



If you are fond of speaking and want to be a perfect speaker, then the debate is an excellent hobby for you in your free time. Debate is the name of arguing with one another. It is the best way to improve your communication skills in your free time. If you are free, you can engage one of your friends in the debate for this purpose. By debating, you can become the best speaker, and people will love to listen to your arguments.



There is a possibility that you have many unnecessary things in your home and you surely want to get rid of them. You can use your free time in Decluttering your house. You will get rid of all unnecessary and clutter stuff from your home during Decluttering. Decluttering is the best way to clean your house and making room for other necessary kinds of stuff. You can easily do it in your free time.



Decoupage is an art and a skill to make things well decorated by only using pieces of colorful paper. You will surely love decorated and good looking stuff in your house. If you have free time, you only need pieces of colorful paper, and you make your gifts and other things beautiful by only gluing the paper on your things. You can decorate gifts for your friends and family also in your free time.

Deep sea fishing battle.jpg

Deep sea fishing battle

Fishing is the best hobby to spend your free time. It is more enjoyable when you will play it with your friends and make a competition with them in the deep sea. While playing, you can use these fishes for eating purposes also as fishes are very healthy for your body. In deep-sea fishing battle, you will have the chance to see different kinds of beautiful fishes in deep down the sea.



Old postcards are the signs of past and history, and Deltiology is the name of Postcard collecting. If you are a history lover and want to have some signs of history, you should adopt this hobby. You can find these postcards in ancient post offices of your country, and you can collect them in your free time. Remember that there is a history with every postcard, which is very enjoyable for you.

Devil sticks.jpg

Devil sticks

Devil sticks are wooden sticks that have initially been found in China. By manipulating one or more devil sticks, you can produce juggling and some circus feats. It is the best way of passing free time for circus and magic lovers. You can do these feats at your home as well to amuse your family members. It is effortless to perform these feats, and anyone can do that by practicing for little time.



Diabolo is a circus or juggling feat in which a person holding two sticks which are bind with one another through a string, move two connected cup between the sticks on the string. You can play Diabolo in your free time for amusement and attraction of other peoples. You can play it entirely by a little amount of practice in your free time.

dice stacking.jpg

Dice stacking


Dictation contest.jpg

Dictation contest


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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