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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Dog racing.jpg

Dog racing

Dog racing is a running competition among pet dogs. If you have multiple pet dogs in your possession, you can arrange a perfect dog racing. Dog Racing is very healthy for your pet dogs. You can also arrange a competition between your pet dog and your friend's pet dogs in your free time. Dogs will stay healthy and strong when they take part in racing.

Dog sledding.jpg

Dog sledding


Dog Sport.jpg

Dog sports

If you have a pet dog, you can easily spend your free time while playing some sports with it. There are many kinds of dog sports, such as disc dog, dog jumping or dog racing, etc. You can also play a single game with your dog, in which you will through a ball far away, and your dog will collect. You can also arrange some obedience classes for your dogs in your free time.

Dog surfing.jpg

Dog surfing

You surely want to make your pet dog enjoy himself. Nothing better than the Dog surfing for your pet dog. You can bring your dog to the beach and teach it how to surf on the tides. It is a very beautiful seen for you when you will see your dog surfing on the water. You can do it in your free time and particularly in the summer.

doll collecting (2).jpg

Dolls  collecting

Dolls are charming toys, particularly for female children. If you are a male, you can collect dolls for your little sisters or your children. Usually, it is a perfect hobby for female children, but now it is famous as a unisex hobby. You can collect these dolls from toy shops and markets in your free time.

dolls making.jpg

Dolls making

Dolls making is art nowadays. Women are love to make precious and beautiful dolls for their children. If you are fond of making dolls and you have free time, you can adapt the doll making as a profession. You can make beautiful dolls for your beloved children in your free time. You can also make these dolls talking with the help of a little usage of technology.



Dombra is a long-necked musical instrument that was invented in Kazakhstan. Dombra has metal strings attached to it. When these metal strings are strike, a unique beat is produced. Nowadays, Dombra is very popular throughout the world and particularly in Turkey. You can obtain your own Dombra from the traditional musical instrument market and practice it in your free time.


Dominion card game

Dominion is a deck-building card game. In this game, each user has to plays separately with his cards and has to build his deck, not of others. If you are alone, you can play it with the computer, but its unique flavor comes only when you play it with your friends. It is the best hobby to spend your free time.

Dominoes game.jpg

Dominoes game

Dominoes is a tile-based game. In this game, the player uses small tiles which are divided from their centers and have different marks on them. You can obtain a straightforward manual of Dominoes game from the internet, and even you can play it online. But it is better to play with your friends. This game is best for playing in your free time. You can adapt it as your primary hobby.




doom metal.jpg

Doom metal

Doom Metal is an extreme music style which includes very heavy metal music. Doom metal produces a very thick and higher sound concerning the other heavy metal music. Doom metal music produces a sense of impending doom. It is a favorable hobby for the lovers of very heavy metal and high pitch music. If you are one of them, you can enjoy it in your free time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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