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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Disguise yourself




Disney lands are parks that are made specifically for children. Many dummy landmarks and playgrounds are built in the Disney land for the attraction of children, but elders can also amuse themselves with these parks. There are many Disney land parks throughout the world, and you can visit them in your free time with your children. You can also build your own Disney land, but it requires a lot of money.



Homebrewing of beer or liquor is known as distilling. Home distilling is a full-time hobby in which you can make drinks for you and your friends. Unlike other homebrewing, liquor distilling is a skill or art which is learned by some practice. You can learn Distilling in your free time and can also teach your friends about that.

distro hopping.jpg

Distro hopping

A distro is a software or a computer product, and Distro hopping is shifting from one distro to another distro for finding the best distro product. It is the best hobby for an IT lover. You should also be aware of the IT and Software products for Distro hopping. It is a beautiful thing to shift from one product to another to find a suitable one for yourself. You can use these distros in your free time and then decide on the best one.


Diving sport

Diving is the best hobby for the ocean and sea lovers. In diving, you can experience and see the beautiful aquatic life of animals and plants. You can also photograph them. If you are a zoologist, this hobby is somewhat necessary. An enormous amount of valuable information about the sea's and ocean can be obtained by diving. You need only a diving suit for this purpose only with an oxygen cylinder, and you can explore a big part of your nearby ocean or sea. It just a perfect way to spend your free time.



Dixieland, which is also known as traditional jazz, is a jazz-based style of music. It was first developed in New Orleans in the early 20Th century. This style of music is very near to the hearts of music lovers due to its unique and fabulous beats. You can make a perfect Dixieland band with your friends and make way for amusement and enjoyment in your free time.



DIY is the abbreviation of DO IT YOURSELF. Many 3D puzzle mechanical games are of DIY nature in which you build different kinds of models and landmarks by joining their parts. Woodworking is another best example of a DIY type of project. Most DIY's are used for learning purposes while you can also use them to pass your free time. You can buy DIY projects and toys online on the internet.



DJ is an abbreviation for Disc Jockey. The word DJ is used for that man who controls the recorded music at a party or in Disco. If you know the types of music which are played for specific moments, you can be a perfect DJ at parties and other musical and dance events. The basic knowledge of music is necessary to become a successful DJ. DJ is playing a free important part nowadays in the discos. You can practice it at your home in the presence of your friends and family in your free time.

Documentary buff.jpg

Documentary buff

Making documentaries on different topics is very popular among peoples nowadays. If you are also one of them, you can turn yourself into a perfect documentary buff. A documentary buff person has all the knowledge regarding documentaries and their different aspects. You can also make documentaries on your favorite topics or analyze the documentaries produced by others. It is a very fabulous way of passing your free time while also increasing your knowledge about different topics.



Dodgeball is a game of hitting the ball to the opponent players and avoiding hitting yourself. It is a team sport and usually played among teams on a small ground. Two persons can also play this game easily. You can play it with your friends or family members on your lawn in your free time. It is a very healthy hobby because it contains a lot of running exercise.

Dog breeding.jpg

Dog breeding

Dog breeding is a very profitable business nowadays. You can also adopt this business in your free time by breeding rare races of dogs. You can generate a considerable amount of income from this beneficial hobby. You can gift these dogs to your loved ones or sell them in the market to earn money. For Dog breeding, you need a tiny place, and you can do it at your home.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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