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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Drawing is a very skillful art. Drawing is the name of the conversion of different beautiful scenes on your canvas. You can do digital drawing on your computer also. You can learn drawing in your free time from a drawing teacher or online course are also available for this purpose. You can be a drawing master after practicing thoroughly in your free time.

Dream meaning and interpretations.jpg

Dream meaning and interpretations 

Dreams are the most occurring phenomenon of our lives, and everyone wants to know the meanings of their dreams. You can turn yourself into a dream interpreter can tell the meanings of the dreams of peoples. You can learn dream meanings from different books available in the market which you can read in your free time. People will very much admire you when you tell the meanings of their dreams.

Dreamcatchers making.jpg

Dreamcatchers making




If you are fond of horse riding, then dressage would be a perfect hobby for you. Dressage is the second name of highly skilled horse riding for different purposes, such as polo, exhibition, and racing. The only equipment you need for dressage, a healthy horse. It is highly recommended that you should not try dressage in the absence of your trainer; otherwise, it could be harmful.

Dressing up in costume.jpg

Dressing up in costume

Traditional costumes are stunning to look at, and it is an excellent idea to dress up these costumes. You can find conventional and historical costumes in museums and traditional markets. It is a fantastic idea looking unique by dressing up these significant historical costumes. You can even buy these costumes from these markets and make a collection of these beautiful costumes. Costumes are not merely a hobby, but it is a professional business nowadays.




Drink mixing (1).jpg

Drink mixing

Drink mixing is an art of mixing different drinks and produce a particular flavor. Bar lovers well know this art. If you are also among them, you can also learn to drink mixing in your free time. By learning the drink mixing, you can make yourself a perfect cocktail maker among your family and friends. You can quickly learn it while spending some time in the bar.



If you have your car, you can go for a long drive in your free time with your family and friends. Driving more will increase and improve your driving skills as well as a hobby. You can go to different villages and traditionally famous places in your city and country while driving in your free time. Driving is a somehow fascinating thing because it provides you a chance to see the essential areas of your premises.



Usually, you have seen the use of drones for different purposes, such as wedding photography, security, or other kinds of construction works. Still, flying drone is very popular nowadays as a recreational activity or hobby. Well, it is a very interesting assumption that you are sitting in your home, and you can still see the outside environment. A drone is the best thing for this purpose. You can see anything outside by just sitting in your home while having remote in your hand.

Drum & Bass.jpg

Drum & bass

If you have some music background, you should know what a drum and Bass is. These are musical instruments having their unique beat in the music. You can both these fantastic musical instruments in your free time by some practice. Drums are usually beat with sticks. These musical instruments produce high-speed breakbeats.



Drums are an electronic musical instrument, which is a member of the percussion group. A unique and pleasant beat is produced when the membrane of the drum is stroked by some sort of stick electronically. You can learn drums from a drum trainer in your free time. It is among the best of all other musical hobbies. Drums are the most traditional musical instruments in the world.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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