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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Dub music

Dub is a popular style of music which was prevailed 60 years ago in Europe. Dub is a mixing of early recorded music and is usually achieved by manipulating and reconstructing the first recorded music. If you are creative in music, this hobby is a perfect opportunity for you. You can mix your favorite recording and create a masterpiece by using Dub music.


Dubstep dance

Dubstep is a dancing music genre, which was originated in south London in the '90s. Dubstep has perfect rhythmic patterns and prominent sub-bass frequencies. Dubstep is a very traditional and historical style of music. If you are a classical music lover, you can learn Dubstep in your free time and can practice in your own home. You can also make a group of Dubstep music with your friends.

Duct tape art.jpg

Duct tape art




Duduk is the modification of Bansuri. It is an ancient double-reed woodwind instrument, which was first originated in Armenia. A perfect Duduk is made of Apricot wood. If you know Bansuri, you can also handle Duduk easily. According to tradition, two persons play Duduk simultaneously. So, you can engage a friend or a family member to play Duduk. It is another enjoyable hobby for traditional music lovers.



Dulcian is another woodwind musical instrument. It has a curved pipe that originates from the central part. Dulcian is played through this curved pipe. Dulcian has a conical shape. Dulcian playing is very ancient, approximately 600 years ago. You can play it in outdoor bands and chamber music. It produces a high pitch sound. You can learn it in your free time and use it for amusement.



Wrestling is a famous sport and a very healthy game. Dumog is the Filipino Style of wrestling and a fantastic representation of Filipino martial arts. It is mostly called as standing wrestling. Hundreds of trainers of Dumog are available online, where you can learn it. It is one of the healthiest hobbies you ever adopted. You can practice the Dumog with your friends and brothers at your home's lawn in your free time.

Dumpster Diving.jpg

Dumpster diving 

Many people throw out different things, which they thought useless, but these things can be used perfectly and can be recycled. Salvaging of all of these kinds of things is known as Dumpster Diving. You can make different useful things by salvaging and recycling the wastage from wastage container. For example, you can collect plastic stuff from containers and mold the plastic according to your desire and make new useful things from it.

Dutch Blitz game.jpg

Dutch Blitz 

Dutch Blitz card game is another family member of the card game family. This game is also known as Thirty-one because the players who are playing this game have the goal to score 31 hands first. 2 to 7 people can play this game at one time; that is why you should engage your friends and family members for this game. If you are far away from your friends, you can play this game online also.

Dye art.jpg

Dye art (tie dyeing)

When you apply dyes and pigment on textiles and produce some unique and elegant designs, it is known as dye art. It is a full-time profession and business nowadays. You can create a tremendous design on your fabrics by using different kinds of dyes in your free time. It saves you money because the designs you want are sometimes costly.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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