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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Egyptian Ratscrew.jpg

Egyptian ratscrew card game

Egyptian Ratscrew card game is the member of the family of card games having the same theme as an early British card game in the 19Th century. The gameplay of Egyptian Ratscrew shares very much likeness of other card games. It is played with a standard 52-card deck or with multiple standard decks according to the desire of players. You can also play it for enjoyment and for spending your free time through mind games.

Electric Blues.jpg

Electric blues

Electric blues is a genre or style of music in which all the music is played on an amplified instrument, for example, an electric guitar or electronic drums etc. Harmonica and Keyboard instruments are also types of Electric blues. Being a music lover, you can quickly learn how to operate an electric blues. You can process them alone because there is no need for a workforce to run them.

Electric scooter (2).jpg

Electric scooter

Electric scooter runs on electricity rather than fuel or patrol. If you love biking, you should try the electric scooter in your free time because there are many benefits to it. It does not produce any pollution in the air, which is why it is perfect for a safe and healthy environment. You will love its shape and features at a very less price. You should try this and leave the conventional scooters.

Electro music.jpg

Electro music

Electro is a genre or style of electronic music which is also a hip hop music. There are different music machines used in Electro music such as Roland Drum machines and funk. It is a prevalent music genre nowadays. You can buy your electro-music system for your home, which you can listen in your free time. As it is an expensive gadget, you can also buy it with your friends.



Electronics are electricity running gadgets. You can try to build new electronics in your free time as your hobby. You can start with an idea of a device in your mind and then try it to come to life. It is a fascinating and skilful hobby by which you can learn many aspects of electronic sciences. You can build your Air Conditioner or another kind of home appliances in your free time.


Electronic music




Electronica is a type of music which includes many electronic music styles such as techno, house and jungle etc. It found its cultural origins in 1980. It is another best musical hobby for electronic music lovers in their free time. You can also adapt it in your free time or join the online classes of Electronica. You will spend your free time quickly with the help of Electronica.

element collecting.jpg

Elements collecting

If you are a science lover, you surely know about different elements such as Aluminum or Sodium. You can collect these elements in your free time and extract essential information from them. Usually, metals are the best elements to collect, but you can also collect non-metal and other elements. Scientific Labs are the best source of collection of elements. You can also collect metals from different workshops.



Embroidery is a type of knitting art in which people usually decorate fabrics and clothes by using simple needle and threads. Pearls, beads and quills are also used to decorate the fabric, and they are also applied through the simple needle. Women find embroidery very interesting, but it is also popular among men nowadays. You can also decorate your fabric in your free time by applying a different kind of decorating material on it.

enameling art.jpg

Enameling art

Enamel is a protective layer around a metal. Enamelling art is a very ancient art in which powdered glass was melted onto the metal, which protects the metal from rusting. It is a very creative hobby. You can save any metal by enamelling work. You can apply enamelling onto your household metal things. You will find it very interesting because there is a practical work involved in it.



Engraving is a process in which a design is incised into a hard, or you can say that a metal surface by a special steel or metal cutting tool known as Burin. It is a very ancient art. If you are a pure art and design lover, you should adapt to this hobby. You can engrave your cheap metal things with the layer of expensive metal in your free time. Wood engraving is also famous nowadays, which follows the same patron as metal engraving.



Japanese music lovers love enka music. It is a style of music, which was originated in Japan. Presently, a modern Enka is evolved in which Enka music is mixed with other traditional music. Modern Enka is also known as Yonanuki Tan-Onkai. You can learn Enka music online as well as courses of Enka music are also available in the market. You can practice it in your free time.

ephemera collecting.jpg

Ephemera collecting


2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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