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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Exotic pets.jpg

Exotic pets

Pets are a normal part of people's lives; It is not uncommon for someone to have a dog, a cat, a fish, or even a frog at home. However, some people are not content to keep these common domestic animals as pets. Some want more exciting companions at home, and that is why there are people who choose to have an exotic pet. While it can be very rewarding to own an exotic pet, it can be very confusing to choose the best exotic pet for you.

experimenting (2).jpg


It is an old saying that the experiments are the bases of new inventions and discoveries. You should adopt the experimenting if you want to invent something. You can establish your small lab in your home for experimenting. You can do experiments with chemicals, electronics, and computers to learn new things. You will learn a new thing with every experiment; you will perform.

exploding kittens (2).jpg

Exploding kittens card game

Exploding kitten card game is a card game in which usually three kinds of cards are used for playing. This game is played with the help of simple cards, defuse cards, and exploding kitten cards. The gameplay of this game is simple, that the player who pulled the exploding kitten card from the deck, permanently out of play. As you can understand from the gameplay, you need your friends or family members to play this game. Nowadays, you can also play this game online in your free time.

exploring polar frontiers.jpg

Exploring polar frontiers

As you know that there are two poles of the earth, the North Pole and the South Pole. The north pole is located in the Arctic region, and the South pole is located in the Antarctica region. If you find a desire for hill climbing in you, exploring the polar frontier is the best idea. But there is proper training needed for exploring polar because it is a challenging task to go to such dangerous regions. You can take training in your free time if you want to do this.

Explosion box making.jpg

Explosion box making


Explosive Firecracker hobby.jpg

Explosive firecracker

You have surely seen the fireworks on new years and other celebrations in your city and country. Explosive firecracker is a typical hobby in which smart care is needed to handle the explosive. You can do fireworks in your free time, but be careful and do not use firecrackers in populated places. You can use low standard firecracker, which only produces a small sound and beautiful colures with minimal environmental pollution.



Expressionist is an artist who knows the art of showing internal expressions and emotions by the artwork such as painting, poetry, or music. This hobby is full of communication skills. If you have excellent communication skills, you can be a perfect expressionist. Art lovers are the main target of this full of color and art hobby. You can also turn yourself into an expressionist by practicing the art in your free time.

Extramural sports.jpg

Extramural sports

If you are a student of university or college or event of a high school, extramural sports can engage you in a very healthy activity and can help in building your brain and body. Extramural sports are those games that are played across the walls, or you can say that inter-institutional sports. For example, skiing, soccer, and rugby are extramural sports. You can join your institutional, educational team for this purpose.

Extreme hammocking.jpg

Extreme hammocking


Extreme drinking competition.jpg

Extreme drinking competition

Extreme drinking competition is a game in which the people who take part in this game, have to drink more than their competitors. It is the best way of spending time for drink lovers. Are you sure one of the drink lovers? If yes, what are you waiting for, arrange an extreme drinking competition with your friends in your home and make your free time unique and memorable with your loved ones.

Extreme hot wings eating.jpg

Extreme hot wings eating

Hot wings are full of crisp and delicious taste. You can make hot wings at your home or ordered them from your favorite restaurant. Extreme hot wings are the perfect companion for your friend's gatherings, and you can also enjoy them alone in your free time. It is a very fantastic idea of arranging a competition of extreme hot wings eating among your family members. So, eat spicy hot wings in your free time.

Extreme hot wings eating.jpg

Extreme ironing

Extreme ironing is a game-like activity in which a person who want thrill and adventure, take an ironing board to a remote high area and jump from it while wearing iron items suite. It has still not confirmed that it is a game or not. It is a hazardous activity, so you should adopt it after a regular practicing of many days. You should be very careful while doing extreme ironing because it can be lethal sometimes.

extreme pogo.jpg

Extreme pogo

Extreme pogo is a specially designed stick on which a person can show and perform different feats in the air. It is a highly practice-based game, and you should take training before implementing it. Otherwise, it could be injury-causing. You can buy a perfect pogo stick for you from the market and start training in your free time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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