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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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If you think flying jet boards are hard then how about flying a water board. Flyboarding is a type of hydroflighting device. This allows you to fly and prefer as many interesting actions as you can just by using the water pressure. It's also known as hydro flying. The performer stands on a board that emits water with pressure and that makes the performer fly. If you live hydro sports or you love flying then this is a very unique hobby for you. But you must follow the instructions in order to have a safe experience.

Flying plane.jpg


The flying hobby is not a single hobby that you can consider in your list of hobbies. But it's a very interesting thing once you know some of them and combine them in your way to create something unique. In flying hobbies, watching and tracking flying planes, flying on a jet suit, free-falling, water flying, and all other types of flying games are included. If you are the kind of person who loves air games or flying sports then you can create your unique hobby out of these flying hobbies.

Flying propeller.jpg

Flying propeller


Flying trapeze.jpg

Flying trapeze

This is a type of gymnastic game. In this game a performer jumps with trapeze and the gravity makes trapeze swing which is beautiful and remarkable. people love watching them and performers love it just by their passion. And this combination makes it so cool. You can either go to a gymnastic gym and learn all this stuff or you can just go to their occasions to watch and captured that moment in your camera. In both ways it will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

foil art.jpg

Foil art

Foil art is a very interesting type of art and it's very easy to create on your own within a few minutes. Foil art is a kind of mixture of drawing or painting and printing. You just need a few important items for creating your DIY foil print. If you love creating your own printable designs or you love paintings and art then probably the foil art is the best choice for you. You will love it if you know how to create a foil art.




Folk music.jpg

Folk music

Folk music is not a single music genre or type it includes all types of traditional folk music. Every music that is being played over a long time, or music that has been composed of many/unknown composers in different ways, all are folk music. People started listing these types of music in the 19th century but it is more historical than just 100 years. Many people love these types of traditional old and in some cases new folk music. And for music lovers, it's a very good way of passing their time.

food critic.jpg

Food critic


Food styling.jpg

Food styling

I'm sure you have heard the terms like nail stylists, hairstylists, dress stylists, etc. But have you ever heard of the food stylists? A food stylist is someone who makes and arrange foods to look great for guests, photographers, and customers. It's just all about styling the foods in the plates so they look great and yummy in other's eyes. you can practice and enjoy this at your home.

Foot orienteering.jpg

Foot orienteering

Foot orienteering is the old formal orienteering game. It just needs hard navigational skills. But it also requires other skills like, reading the maps, finding the main points in the maps, judging distances, Taking a compass bearing, etc. It's a very interesting sport like a marathon. If you love these types of long games you can join a marathon or foot orienteering. Both are very enjoyable and fun.






This thing is very exciting, going to the forests to find out wild resources. Foraging is actually a branch of science which is behavioral ecology. In behavioral ecology, scientists study the animal's behavior and respond to the environment and changing environments. It's just studying the animal's lifestyle in their environment, If you love scientific researching then this would be a very good choice for you.

foreign cinema.jpg

Foreign cinema

For all the movie lovers, this one is for you. Since the concept of foreign cinema movies has been created, so many people love watching foreign cinemas over their local ones. People take an interest in foreign cinemas. In fact, in San Fransisco, there is a very famous restaurant by the name of foreign cinema. If you are tired of watching the same movie over and over then try out the foreign cinema concept. And the most famous once you can try is Hollywood, German, Turkish and Asian cinemas.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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