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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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disc golf.jpg

Frisbee golf

Frisbee golf or disc golf is a combination of golf and frisbee, and it's a flying disc sport with the same rules as in golf but in this game, you just have a frisbee disc and a pocket to score. The frisbee golf is played on a course of 9 to 18 holes, similar to golf. And players throw the frisbee to the pocket or bucket to make a score. If you love golf and can throw a disc or you love frisbee and also know about golf then this combination will be a very exciting game for you.

Frog dissections.jpg

Frog dissections

Frog dissections or frog's internal anatomy is a clinical or biological exercise for learning the internal organs and their systems. Because the frog's anatomy and internal systems are similar to human's internal organs system, so people in the medical class have to do at least 1 to 2 Frog Dissections to learn their organs and their roles in the life cycle. If you love biological exercises and love learning anatomy of animals then you have to learn frog dissections. But if you think you can't find anything new to learn then please don't waste a frog's life.

Fruit Carving.jpg

Fruit carving

As it's shown in the name of this hobby, the fruit carving is actually carving of fruits, like fruit art or fruit carving art. People use watermelons, pumpkin, oranges, and other fruits to start carving them. They won't get anything from it and in some cases, it just wastes their fruits but still, they want to do this carving because when they finished the final touch they just feel fulfilled and happy. If you love to spend time making something that matters to you and in the end, you feel good then fruit carving is something you have to do.

funk music.jpg

Funk music

Funk is an African-American old 1960s musical genre. in these times people were always creating new rhythmic music, and they mix the other genres like jazz, blues, and rhythmic genre to make danceable music, for dancing at dinners and restaurants so customers enjoy coming into their restaurants. It just doesn't mean you have to learn it and use your skills in a hotel or a bar. Do it for yourself as a hobby if you like musical hobbies, or making new rhythmic music.

Fruit picking.jpg

Fruit picking


Fundraise for class school  charity.jpg

Fundraise for class/ school / charity


Furniture arranging.png

Furniture arranging

Arranging your home's furniture is an indoor hobby, in which you arranging your furniture from one place to another keeping in mind the traffic flow of your home and attention-grabbing places of the home. Arranging furniture doesn't have to do anything with any sports or any type of loveable action but still, people enjoy spending their time sometimes a whole day just arranging their furniture from one side to another or from one room to another. If you love home development or home decorating hobbies then just arranging furniture can be your best hobby in home decoration hobbies.

Furniture building.jpg

Furniture building

If you love arranging furniture but still something remains uncomplete, probably you should start furniture building, in which you will be creating the furniture of your own design and the one's that you love creating. If you won't like building furniture then try out carving wood or carving furniture. It will make you feel better. You can do DIY furniture, you can do craft furniture, or you can do anything else as you want. But first, you have to learn some basics of furniture building.

Future Garage.jpg

Future garage

The future garage is a type of popular electronic music genre. This culture of music originated in the 2000s in the united kingdom. The future garage is also a developed version of the UK garage and 2-step garage. Because it's a modern version of electronic music, it has been used and is very popular in loyalty music and other music track providers. If you are really passionate about the music industry then being and future garage artist can be a better choice for you.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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