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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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This hobby is for science lovers. Genealogy is a scientific study of families, knowing about their history, tracking their genetic records. Many people just research their own family like their parents and grandparent's names, home locations birth-dates if possible, and also recording their sisters' and brother's information. But many people go beyond it they trace a lot of information about many well-known personalities. It seems not that interesting for some people. but once you enjoy and start doing this you will know how interesting it actually is.



Geocaching is a modern version of an old game we know as "Hide and Seek". In Geocaching participants use GPS receivers or mobile phones and other navigation techniques to hide and seek containers in which they hide things. Rules are the same as the Hide and Seek but this modern version is very interesting and joyful. It's the best game to play with your friends and family to enjoy their company. If you were looking for something that can make your relations fresh again you can play geocaching with your family.




German language learning.jpg

German language learning


German whist game.jpg

German whist game


Geyser gazing.jpg

Geyser gazing




Ghatam is an old Indian traditional music instrument. This instrument is used to create beats just like drums but in Ghatam the beats are much different from drums. The player of this instrument places it near to his stomach and tapes on it with his fingers and palm to create different beats. As it's a traditional musical instrument of India, the Indian people also believe that this instrument is religious for them as well. They use this instrument in their mandir (a place where they worship of god). However, the beats that a ghatam creates are very smoothing and you can calm your mind and relax with it. That's why many people love listening to this as a part of their hobby.

Ghost hunting.jpg

Ghost hunting

Hunting is one of the oldest hobbies people still love doing, but what about ghostb hunting. The ghost hunting is a team activity where a team investigates a hunted place for collecting evidence of ghosts or any paranormal activity. Just like a police team investigates for arresting criminals. In ghost hunting, you are finding out for any sign of ghosts to complete your documentary. For some people, it might be a creepy thing to make as a hobby, but there are a large number of people who love these types of hobbies.

Giant bubble making.jpg

Giant bubble making


Giant clams breeding.jpg

Giant clams breeding

Giant clams are the largest living mollusks with two valves. However, due to the destruction of coral reefs in the south pacific region, they are an endangered species and fast losing their habitat. If you end up choosing giant clams breeding as your hobby, you will make a difference in conserving nature. As a fact, grand clams reproduce as external fertilization. The clams release their eggs and sperm into the water at the same time, and fertilization takes place in the water itself.

Giant snapper fishing.jpg

Giant snapper fishing

If you’re no stranger to the dynamics of fishing, it’s time to explore its adventurous side and try Giant Snapper Fishing. Giant snapper is a large fish that’s rich in low-calorie, lean protein. Some grouper fishermen say that it’s easier to catch a snapper if you have the right spot with the right tackle and optimal bait. So, make sure, you try a fun activity in summers.  


gift wrapping

“Wow, this is easy.” Did you just say so? Well, here’s a reality check: gift wrapping isn’t limited to beautifying an object with a glossy, colorful paper and tying a ribbon knot. You must know that gift wrapping is an art in its own right. It’s about using the creative bend of mind to come up with aesthetic presentations. Developing a hobby for gift wrapping can help you charge up the imagination and inspire mental activity.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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