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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Gin rummy.jpg

Gin rummy 

Card games are utterly gripping to play, and Gin Rummy is more so. The game is played with a deck of 52 cards but without the jokers. You need a total of 100 points to win the game, and you win these points when you form a set of three or more cards. Gin Rummy, out of all, is one of the most demanding card games, and yet the most engrossing to play. 

Gingerbread house making.jpg

Gingerbread house making

Gingerbread house making is no simple job unless you have decided to go for the pre-fabricated houses. Pre-fab houses don’t evoke the same sense of joy and fulfillment. You need to come together for Gingerbread House Making and take part in individual tasks for the job. Someone makes the dough, someone rolls it, someone makes the patterns, and so on. Coming together and giving shape to something indeed gives great joy.

Glass art.jpg

Glass art

For the uninitiated, glass art is different from creating glass bulbs or bottles. It’s a riveting form of art that involves designing specialty products in scintillating colors. Once you have honed your skills in glass art, you can design a variety of flower vases, sculptures, lampshades, Murano bowls, and more, and keep your well-decorated.  

Glass etching.jpg

Glass etching

Glass etching revolves around creating artistic figures on glass surfaces by applying caustic, acidic, or abrasive substances. Etching is done after glass is blown, and a definite shape has been achieved. Learning the practice can empower you to create compelling designs and patterns on glass objects, and you can also try writing messages with a touch of elegance. 

Glass fusing.jpg

Glass fusing




Glassblowing is awe-inspiring. The practice involves shaping the material using heat and creating exquisite pieces of art, such as bulbs and glass bottles, which are rich in color. Having said that, we must admit that glassblowing is an art form that presents a significant learning curve. But, once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. 

Glitch Pop.jpg

Glitch Pop

Glitch is a genre of electronic music based on the unique concept called 'aesthetic of failure'. Sources of the glitch sound can be bizarre and diverse, but common. These may include CD skipping, electric hum, bit-rate reduction, software bugs, system crashes, and more. Chances are there that you must have heard at least one of these sounds. Glitch Pop makes use of such sound and fuses it with modern pop.



Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument consisting of a set of keys similar to that of a xylophone. However, as a key point of difference, these keys are made of metal tubes of plates, instead of the wood ones you find on the xylophone. Glockenspiel is a tuned instrument, typically played with mallets, and produces specific notes that can well be defined as high-pitched and penetrative.

Glowing katana.jpg

Glowing Katana


Glow in the dark mini golf.jpg

Glow in the dark mini golf




Glowsticking is fascinating to look at and personifies the celestial magic in a way. It's a dance form that involves a performer using LED sticks in fast-paced moves to deliver an enhancing, eye-captivating effect. Glowsticking is pretty similar to ribbon dancing; however, you need to acquire some skills to be proficient at it. This dance form has two specifications - stringed and non-stringed glowsticking dance. 




Go game.jpg

Go game

Go Game is an abstract strategy game, popular for being the toughest board game ever that’s invented in ancient China. Played by two, the aim is to carve out more territory than the opponent. However, much as it sounds easy, it takes a whole lifetime to master the nuances of the game. Currently, over 20 million people are playing the game, most living in East Asia.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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