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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Gongs is a traditional musical instrument used in East and Southeast Asian countries. It's a percussion instrument, appearing in the form of a flat, circular metal disc. You have to hit it with a mallet. Discs of metal struck with leather or beater produce a majestic, metallic sound depending on the kind of mallet used.







Goth  Gothic Rock.jpg

Goth / Gothic rock

Gothic Rock has emerged from the post-punk 1970s period and has dark undertones. Some of the first of post-punk bands that tried gothic overtones in their music and drifted to dark music are Siouxsie, Banshees, and Joy Division. These bands stand out because of their dark sound, reverbs, dramatic, and melancholic melodies, which derive inspiration from gothic literature and allies with themes like existentialism, sadness, dark romanticism, nihilism, tragedy, morbidity, and melancholy. You can try learning it if you are inclined towards discovering more about spooky, cryptic elements of the world. 

Gothic Metal.jpg

Gothic metal

If making sound is something where lies your forte, you can surely go for Gothic metal. This is a fusion genre that combines the heaviness of metal with the darkness of gothic rock. The music can be diverse as bands tend to adapt to different heavy metal music styles. It originated in the UK during the early 1990s and has dark lyrics that are inspired by gothic fiction and personal experiences.



Gouache is a type of water paint, consisting of natural pigments, a binding agent, and an additional inert material. Its uniqueness lies in being opaque and is mostly used by commercial artists for illustrations, posters, comics, and other works. You can rewet it much like watercolors, dry it to a matte finish, and infuse it with the supporting paper. 

Gourd craft hobby.jpg

Gourd craft

This is a practice, revolving around creating works of art with hard-shell gourds. Here, the gourd is the medium of art. The outer surface of gourd may be painted, carved, burnt, sanded, dyed, or polished to give shape to an art form. Typically, you need to harvest a gourd and leave it to dry over months.



Graffiti is about drawings or writings made on walls or other surfaces. It is mostly in the form of artistic expressions like cartoons, calligraphic writings or slogans, etc. It can also be just simple written words. A unique aspect of graffiti is that it is mostly done without permission and in an area that is open to public view. While Graffiti has existed since ancient times, it is the words and the figures that have changed over time.


Gralla instrument

This is a musical instrument which owes its origin to Spain. This is a wind instrument comprising of a long wooden tube and two reeds. The sound is produced by the reeds and it is amplified due to the shape and length of the instrument. The instrument is available in two varieties - the Seca (dry) and the dolça (sweet). You can distinguish between the two by their sound. The “dry” one has a harsh sound and is more primitive to the sweet one.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing.jpg

Grand Prix motorcycle racing

Racing is a high adrenaline-pumping activity that can surely drive you crazy at times. Motorcycle racing itself is an exhilarating sport, and when it comes to Grand Prix motorcycle racing, it can be a whirlwind of racing. If you are a motorcycle aficionado you would certainly enjoy a Grand Prix motorcycle racing. This is a premier class of motorcycle racing and one of the oldest motorsports in the world. However, these motorcycles are purpose-built for racing and are usually not available for purchase and for riding legally on public roads.

Grand Theft Auto game.jpg

Grand Theft Auto game 

Grand Theft Auto has been a sensational series of video games that began in 1997 and is continuing. This is an action-cum-adventure game published by Rockster games.  Games here are set in fictional locales modeled on cities like New York, California, Miami, etc. The elements involved in these games involve adventure, action, driving, carjacking, third-person shooting, role-playing, racing, and stealth. Games focus on protagonists who try to rise through the ranks of the criminal world. 

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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