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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Go to free community events.jpg

Go to free community events

Free community events can be great enjoyment, and there is a bouquet of ideas about community events.  You can host a community event, such as a street party or a block party in your block or street, and alternatively, can surround an area to hold a parade. Club it with a patriotic song to honor members of the block or street address who had gone to war. It can also be about honoring the achievement of some of the members. 




Goblet drum.jpg

Goblet drum

Prevalent in Egypt, the practice of Goblet drum playing, as the name itself suggests, involves playing a goblet-shaped drum by holding it under one arm, mostly the non-dominant one. You can also keep it sideways and place it on your lap with the head lying towards your knees. If the drum comes with a strap, you can also sling it over the shoulder. This would facilitate playing the drum while dancing or just standing. 

GoFish card game.jpg

GoFish card game

Go Fish is yet again a card game, similar to the game Authors. The game is played using the standard 52 decks of cards, of which some are dealt with, and some are kept in stock. The cards rank from high to low in the order of Ace to Two. 

Going Back To School.jpg

Going back to school

How about going back to school?? Relax, not literally, but through back to school games available on the internet galore. A basic search will take you to places, such as First Classroom Kissing, Middle School Makeover, and more, which are indeed fun games to play. Try them. 



It is a variety of traditional Japanese karate, featuring a combination of soft and hard techniques. It is based on the principles of martial art used by famous martial arts masters of Okinawa during the 19th and 20th centuries. ‘Gō’ refers to closed hand techniques and straight linear attacks while ‘jū’ refers to open hand techniques as well as circular movements. You can combine kicks and punches with softer and open-hand circular movements for blocking, attacking, and controlling the opponent. At the same time, you may form joint locks, go for grapples, throws, or takedowns.

gold prospecting.jpg

Gold prospecting

Do you imagine yourself as an explorer in the famed California Gold Rush? If yes, gold prospecting can indeed offer you some much-needed breather from monotonous life and throw exhilarating challenges. The practice is about searching for new deposits of gold while trying to crack the combination of tricks and resources all the time. In this lockdown, if you are finding it hard to spend time and are bored as hell, this is truly the avenue you seek. 

Gold Panning.jpg

Gold panning

Gold Planning is akin to gold mining; however, not at a commercial level though. In this practice, gold is extracted from a place using a pan. It's a simple means of extracting gold, involving lower costs, and is particularly undertaken at a place where there is an accumulation of gold due to gravity separation. Notably, this was the main technique of harvesting gold in the early years of the California Gold Rush.



Learning gold to detail can be a pretty interesting hobby to foray into. One of the advantages of golf is that it does not require a standardized playing arena. You can play it in a variety of terrains. So, enroll in a course online and play at your home. In practice, it's played with 18 scoring circles; however, for recreational purposes, there may also be nine holes or less.

Gomoku game.png

Gomoku game




Gongoozling is an amusing term, to begin with, and involves the fun derived from watching boats plying on canals and other activities. So, if you have a love for water and boating, Gongoozling may well be a great hobby for you. 

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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