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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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aquarium activities.jpg


The aquarium is water containing box or a large place in which different kinds of marine and freshwater animals can be kept and raised. It is the best hobby for those peoples who love to keep aquatic animals such as fishes, turtles, and seals, etc. You can keep both Freshwater and Saltwater animals in your aquarium. You can use them for different purposes.

aquascaping hobby.jpg


In simple words, aquascaping is gardening underwater. It is another perfect thing for water and ocean-loving persons. In this hobby, you will build a whole model of aquatic plants, including their environment. You can combine this with aquarium and can build a perfect aquarium zoo. It is one of the educational hobbies also.



Arboriculture is the name of the cultivation of trees and valuable shrubs. Arboriculture is different from ordinary gardening because you will grow only valuable and endangered species of plants and shrubs in Arboriculture. Arboriculture is very useful to study the nature, benefits, and relationship of the trees and shrubs to the environment.

Arcade games.jpg

Arcade games

Arcade Games are splendid for video games and the best hobby for pastime. It is the best hobby for video game lovers. It is cheap as only a mobile needed to play these games. Different games like Space Invaders, Asteroids and Pac-Man in this hobby. It is the best way to a pastime. Arcade game hobbies are the best hobbies in the world.



Archery is not just a hobby; it is a professional Olympic game. You can practice improving your aim in this game. You can even join a Team of Archery through practicing this hobby regularly. You can play it both physically and on a mobile app. It is the best game to pass your free time. Archery is another one from healthy hobbies.

Architectural models.jpg

Architectural models

Architectural Model building is another constructive hobby, and it is amongst the best learning hobbies in the world. In this hobby, you can make Architectural Structures of different landmarks and monuments in your free time. You can also build your constructive skills through this hobby and make your free time a form of education.

arena rock.jpg

Arena rock

Arena Rock, an actual music genre, dropped as the ‘next big thing’ in the mid-Seventies and quickly made tens of thousands of fans with its edgy musicality and charisma—arguably rare in most genres we know. For a musicophile, listening to Arena Rock promises a rewarding experience. Just sit tight, plug in, and feel the vibe.

argentina tango.jpg

Argentine tango

Every dancer brags about his craft; however, he gets to have bigger bragging rights when he has learned Argentine Tango. One of the most classical dance forms around the world, Argentine Tango requires strategy, posture, and a masterful mix of steps for the right delivery, and while it offers a learning curve, it is a resume-building skill.  

armchair travel hobby.jpg

Armchair traveling

Everybody wants to travel, but alas, funds have some limitations. However, what if we say that you can still soak in life’s best adventures without spending a penny? Yes, you read that right. Armchair Traveling is pretty much a workaround that helps you unravel places, but virtually on the choice of your device. Though the traveling experience may not be the same, it can be a soothing watch or may inspire you to plan an actual trip. In whichever way, it’s worth a shot!

Arm wrestling.jpg

Arm wrestling

Even if you don’t have giant biceps, arm wrestling is still a fun hobby to engage in. Just pull up your sleeves, place an arm on the table with elbows touching the surface, and lock the hand of your opponent. If you successfully pin him down, you win. Otherwise, you lose. Arm Wrestling is a perfect vocation to pursue if you are looking to build some strength.  As a hobby, it is a fun game to play with your friends that guarantees laughs, hoots, and good cheer.



Shore up your strength by learning Arnis as a new hobby, the national art of the Philippines, and indeed the most popular one across the globe. Also known as Kali or Eskrima/Escrima, the art helps you learn the art of swooping on the enemy using open-hand techniques as well as weapons such as knives or blades. So, learn to details, and we bet Arnis will redefine your response to everything in life as bold.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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