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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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animal husbandry.jpg

Animal husbandry

Raising animals for their different products such as meat, egg, milk, and other products are known as animal husbandry. It is the best way to pass your free time while availing a very healthy benefit also. You can obtain different healthy animal products for you and your family. You can raise hens, deer, and cows for this purpose.

animal watching.jpg

Animal watching

It is another hobby which includes animals and wildlife. You can watch different kinds of animals such as dolphins, elephants, and tigers in your free time. You can watch them on the TV and in the zoo also. This is better from doing other things because people usually love to see the animal. You can use animal watching as an educational purpose by seeing different wildlife channels such as discovery channel.



The animation is the best art to improve your art skills. In the animations, you will see your hand made pictures moving, which is a very splendid view. You can manipulate your images in different ways to make their animations. That is why it is the best way to past your free time. It is an excellent experience to see your painted images moving.



Anime is Japanese style cartons which are popular among both children and adults. It is a very good hobby to see anime because this is very informative as well. Seeing anime is the best way to pass your free time. Anime is generally the best for teenagers, while adults can also adopt it.  So if you are looking for a best and enjoyable stuffs in your free time, anime is present in the form of it.

Running antarctica.jpg

Antarctica marathon


Anti-gravity cocooning.jpg

Anti-gravity cocooning

Anti-gravity cocooning is the Power-Nap fitness class, which includes the usage of fibers in exercise and yoga. It is the best way to pass your free time while obtaining fitness and health. Anti-Gravity Cocooning is one of the cheap hobbies also as you only need some amount of garment for this exercise. It is the best exercise for persons of all ages.



Antiquing is the name of saving and collecting different kinds of ancient items, such as coins. These items are stored and saved due to their historical significance. It is the best hobby for those peoples who love history and historical events. Sometimes Antiquing can be used for educational purposes also. Antiquing is the best way to the pastime while collecting the informational and historical Antiques. Antiques include cars, art, and jewelry, etc.



Though Ant-keeping is somehow tricky because ants can bite, many people adopt this as a hobby. Ant-keeping involves the capturing, care and raising of ants. If you are an arthropod lover, ant-keeping is best for you. You can keep the ants for research purposes also. There are many species of ants throughout the world, and it would be fascinating for you to collect them. You need a house colony for the ants in the form of formicarium for Ant-keeping.



Antiquities are manuscripts of the past and ancient times of early human civilization. Antiquities is best for history lovers as they collect these antiquities in your free time. The Antiquities is very informational and interesting, particularly for the student of history and ancient times. Antiquities is one of the best hobbies in the world to learn about ancient times and the past.

appalachain dulcimer playing.jpg

Appalachian dulcimer

Appalachian Dulcimer instruments are the traditional musical instrument having a string system in them. They belong to the Appalachian region of the USA. Collecting and using these instruments is the best hobby for folk music lovers. As you know that music is a best way to past your free time, Appalachian Dulcimer instruments are one of them. Adopt this hobby if you are a true music lover.

appearing on tv.jpeg

Appearing on TV

Acting and Appearing on TV is a full-time hobby for those persons who love to be famous and popular. If you are free and want to adopt a fruitful thing in which you learn also, appearing on TV is best for this purpose. You can appear on TV through different kinds of Talkshow, Current affairs shows, plays, and informational programs. It is the best way for those peoples who love to come on screen and make them famous.

apples to apples game.jpg

Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples are different kinds of comparison games, which are used as a fascinating and learning way to a pass your free time. These are hilarious comparison games in which you compare different things such as cards and pictures etc. These can be played on computers and mobiles. This is the best way of learning as well as pass your free time.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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