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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Kazoo playing

If you are a music lover then here is another thing for you, kazoo. Kazoo is a musical instrument that is related to American music. You can play kazoo as a mouth exercise.

Keeping children.jpg

Keeping children

Keeping children doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole time with them but you can spend your free time with them. If you have your own children then you should spend your time with them, play with them and tell them about your childhood experiences. And the other thing is that if you don’t have children in the house then go and spend your time with orphans and other homeless children.

Kemps card game.jpg

Kemps card game




It is a Japanese old classic cup and ball game, and it plays in some areas of France as well. You can spend your time with this traditional game. It is tricky somehow but very interesting. You can learn this game and perform it like a hobby in your free time.



It is related to Indonesian music. Malaysian people also love to play and listen to this double-headed drum music. You will love to listen at evening functions with your friends and family especially in winters.



As we know that the field of martial art is vast, so kendo is also a Japanese martial art. It, has a clear and fine concept of discipline and self-control. By this art they try to teach people how to discipline their character. You can learn this martial art for your better life and mental control. After learning this you will be able to cope up with all burdened thoughts and make yourself able to deal with them.



Kenpo is also another type of karate and Japanese people love to perform it. Yes, it is a type of karate but it is not as aggressive. Generally people think that it is focused on philosophy and spirituality. So you can learn and practice it whenever you get free from all hectic routine. This activity may give you a peaceful and fresh mind. So, don’t waste your time and search for the best Kenpo teacher.

keychain collecting.jpg

keychain collecting

Some people love to collect different things as a hobby. If you are also thinking of collecting something unique then you can collect keychains. Yes, collecting different keychains will make you excited and you will enjoy searching unique and new keychains in different areas wherever you go.

Keysi Fighting Method.jpg

Keysi fighting method

If you have free time and want to learn something to safeguard yourself then you can choose the keysi fighting method. The Keysi fighting method is also known as KFM. It is the best self-defense method from road crimes. In this method you can learn how you can protect your head with your arm from a sudden attack of your opponent. If you will go for training on a regular basis then you will get skilled within a few weeks.



It is also a well-known form of martial art and directly derived from karate. From its name you can get that in this art your legs perform. It is famous as a professional sport and people take part in it as professional players. Some people think it is similar to MMA boxing and you have to get special classes for this skill.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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