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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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The kicksled is another interesting activity during winter or snow fall. People love to practice it in snowy areas. It looks like a chair which has two flexible runners backward. Its body is made up of wood and runners are steel made. But in modern construction

the whole kicksled is made of aluminum. You can do it for fun, fitness, a healthy outdoor activity and it provides you stability in slippery conditions.

Kinetic sculpture racing.jpg

Kinetic sculpture racing

It is a traditional race but not a parade. This race must be covered 50 miles to go. It is like a race which can perform on sand, mud, and water. In this race kinetic sculptures are involved. These sculptures look like fire cannons, animated faces, unusual drive mechanisms and more kinetic thrills. These sculptures are able to run on all kinds of land equally. There are different people in the racing team like pilots, peons and pit crew. You can take part in this interesting and thrilling activity.

Kings in the Corner card game.jpg

Kings in the corner 

There are thousands of activities which you can adopt in your free time but here is another interesting card game, Kings in the Corner. It is a multi-player game, two and four players are involved in this. It is a solitaire-style card game and requires a standard deck card. In this game each player has 7 cards and remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table. And then the game starts. You can play this game with your friends and kill boring moments.


Kinnor instrument

Kinnor is a well-known stringed instrument. It has 3 to 12 guts strings and these strings are the main part of kinnor. If we think it is apparently played with fingers and the music appears. But you have to get proper skill to play it. Some people think that kinnor looks like lyre but there is a difference between both. Strings of kinnor are directly attached with the body but on a lyre the strings are passed on a bridge.



Kirigami is all about paper art. It is a Japanese art which is related to designing paper. The word “kirigami” is derived from two Japanese words, kiru and gami. Kiru means cut and gami means paper. So as a whole kirigami means cut the paper. It is an art of cutting paper in different shapes like square, circle, origami etc. and for these shapes paper can be folded. This is very interesting and amazing art work. If you have any interest in paper art then you have to learn this kirigami art. You will never regret wasting time on this kirigami art work.

Kitchen Chemistry.jpg

Kitchen chemistry

Kitchen chemistry is the science of organizing the kitchen. What does a kitchen have?The most important thing is food. The food contains different chemicals, not toxic, but in general, any matter is composed of chemicals. Understanding about those chemicals and carrying out new cooking experiments and experiences is what kitchen chemistry is composed of. It also involves different tips and hacks to make good food. Those who are interested in cooking and have a lot to do with the kitchen have this hobby to adopt kitchen chemistry in their lives.



Kiteboarding is an energetic outdoor activity that combines different aspects of snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and skating etc. There is a large power kite that uses the power of wind waves to propel the kiteboard over the water. The sport is highly physical and very commercial as well, as compared to other sports of the same category. There are different competitions held for kiteboarding all over the world, which involves different actions and tricks using kiteboarding. FreeStyle, Wave Riding, Wake Style, Air style etc. are some of the styles of kiteboarding.

Kite flying hobby.jpg

Kite flying 

Kite Flying has different aspects to describe it. It is a part of the culture in some parts of the world, while others just fly it for some fun. A kite is made up of a light quality plastic paper or simply a paper. It has its thread with which it is flown high in the sky, in the direction of air. Some people prefer to fly kites during weekends, holidays or any other free time.

kite making.jpg

Kite making

Though kites can be bought from the market, kite making is a creative activity that most of the people still prefer during their free time. Kites can be made up of different quality materials, including plastic sheets, light paper, newspaper, envelope paper and so on. But, the concept is in a colour full collection that these hobbyists usually collect after making them. Kite Flying is also a major culture, among different nations and so the kite making.



Kite Surfing is one of the types of kiteboarding that is spreading tremendously among kiteboarders. Kite Surfing obeys the wave directions. Boards for kite surfers are usually directional with sufficient floating and turning capacity. The sport also resembles tow-in surfing a lot. There are different positioning techniques that help a kitesurfer to properly surf over his board.

kizomba dance.jpg

Kizomba dance

Kizomba dance is a Portuguese originated dance practice that is one of the most fastly spreading genres of dancing. The dance moves are very sensual with twisting bodies and wavy shows. The moves are very slow, bodily, and smooth, with the bodies of partners touching cheek to cheek. There are different dance academies that are offering classes of this dance practice. The dance is itself an evolutionary form of semba dance.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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