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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Loom bands.jpg

Loom bands







By lounge, it means to sit somewhere in a relaxed way. The term can even be applied for standing, but it should be of a relaxed position. Different people have this hobby, where they go to some peaceful place of their definition and lounge there. It requires a calm environment and a peaceful state of mind to undergo this activity.

Love Letter.jpg

Love letter

Love letters are the historical way of sharing feelings of love. The practice was common in a pre-telephonic era when letters were the only source of communications. But today also, love letters have a great value. The lovers send these letters to one another and write them in their free time. Strong emotions, romantic diction and feelings are packed into words while writing these letters.

Love Song.jpg

Love song

Many people have this hobby of listening to songs and when the songs are ‘love songs’ specifically; this involves a playlist of different emotional songs that are listened by the hobbyist. The songs usually involve the sentiments of love, breakups, heartbreaks, and other associated feelings to these events. A love song hobbyist doesn’t sing these love songs but can also mimic and rhyme those songs in his/her spare time.

LPS collecting.png

LPS collecting

LPS stands for Little Pet Shop, which is a small toy shop of over more than 3000 officially released toy pets of different shapes and colours. These toys have their own culture, and the hobbyists who are interested in this are usually, after collecting the more number of these toys.

Lucid dreaming.jpg

Lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon in which the person, seeing the dream, has control over the characters. It is like knitting the whole story himself but in a controlled manner. Where the dream is run by his imagination; but involves the person’s vision and control as well. The technique is ancient and is now finding its explanation on a scientific basis as well. There are different techniques with which the Lucid Dream can be achieved. The hobbyist of this activity practices those techniques, including hypnosis, yoga, meditation etc. to attain control over their dreams.





Luge racing

Luge racing is an exciting racing concept in which one or more than one players is riding on a single luge sled. The racers are positioned in such a way that the head is upward while the feet are downwards towards the facing side. The Luge racing slide is usually a modified sled that is made up of a winter luge with the wheels of longboard-style luge. The sport is played in sloped areas with downhill courses. It has also been considered as a dangerous game, as the speed of luge can go up to the speed of 110 mph.



Learning or singing lullabies is one of the calmest hobbies. Lullabies are the soothing piece of music or songs that are usually played for the children during night time, to make them sleep. There are different tones and different ways of how these songs are sung and give a peaceful, relaxing feel to the singer as well as the listener. The purpose is not only to make children sleep; instead, it’s much more like a folk tale in purpose, with which a strong cultural knowledge is passed down through these passive means, across the generation. The hobbyists usually learn different lullabies and sing them in their spare time.

Luta livre.jpg

Luta livre

Luta Livre is a Brazilian variant of wrestling that is taught and learnt all over the world. The wrestling style has complicated moves involving the use of hands, knees, elbows and feet to attack or strike the opponent. Also known as Luta Livre Brasileira, the game is a blend of judo and wrestling in its techniques. There are different centers where this specific wrestling style is taught, and the hobbyists go there to learn and practice it.



Playing different instruments has always been a significant hobby among many people, in the past as well as in current times. Playing the Lute is also one of those creative hobbies that have a healthy blend of art in it. Lute is a string-based plucking instrument that has a long neck and a hollow rounded back. There is a sound hole in the rounded hollow back as well. Lute is not a word for a particular instrument; it is a big class of European lutes, and any of those instruments is called Lute in general.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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