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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Lion taming hobby.jpg

Lion taming

Lion Taming is the training of lions in which they are trained for any of the purposes: They can be used for protection or for display in different functions or entertainment circuses. Lion Taming requires different techniques and is also a dangerous hobby to take part in.

Liquor distillation.jpg

Liquor distillation

Liquor distillation is a set of techniques applied to distil the wine or any other fermented fruit to make it a distilled liquor. The final product is heavily flavored and is always served as an after-dessert. There are different techniques and flavors that are made in this. Some people love doing distillation in their free time.

Live action role-playing game.jpg

Live action role-playing game( LARP)


Live with indigenous tribes.jpg

Live with indigenous tribes


Lobster boat racing.jpg

Lobster boat racing


Local guide.jpg

Local guide



Lock picking 

Lock picking is the art of breaking the locks by manipulating the lock components without having an actual key. The lock picking kits are also available in the market, but they are considered illegal in major parts of the world. The lock pickers can easily pick the locks with very few tools.It is not done with the intent to do crimes, but it’s just a hobby. The Internet is stuffed with such lock picking hacks. Lock picking has become a rising interest as a hobby among different people.

Lo-fi music.jpg

Lo-fi music

The term stands for ‘low fidelity’ music that has careless sound recording having several technical flaws. The presence of those technical flaws makes the music way different than the one produced later. The genre appeared when the indie rockers started recording their music at home. Hobbyists also record their own lo-fi music at home in their spare time.

logo creation.jpg

Logo creation




Lomography is the sub-genre of photography in which photographs are taken without giving enough attention to details. Different inexpensive and sometimes even faulty cameras are used to bring the blurry effect to the pictures. It is believed that such photography gives an aesthetic effect to them, showing what really matters and ignoring the small and unimportant details.




Long jump hobby.jpg

Long jump

Long jumping is one of the physical outdoor hobbies in which the hobbyists exercise and practice themselves to jump as long as possible. Long jumps are usually the hobbies of athletes who do these jumps with the combination of their strength, speed and agility. The activity has its roots in ancient Greece Olympics and today also is a significant portion for the Olympics. It involves a certain technique in which the jump is taken in different steps to make it happen.

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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