Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Mehen (game).jpg

Mehen game


Mellophone playing.jpg


Mellophonium is also known as Conn 16E and a brass instrument that pitched in F, G, E, or B. It is used as a French horn in band music or orchestras. It is like playing the trumpet.

Memory Game(Memorizing).jpg

Memory Game(Memorizing)

Memory games were developed by scientists to increase memory skills and prevent memory diseases like Alzheimer's disease. There are hundreds of memory games available on the internet. Memory games can be a good hobby for kids and students as these games sharpen the mind and improve short-term memory, sustained attention, and auditory memory.

Mental calculation contest.jpg

Mental calculation contest




Mentalism is an art in which people show highly intuitive abilities by performing hypnosis, telepathy, mind control, mind reading, etc. Most of the contemporary mentalists perform in the street. They use tricks like sleights feints, misdirection and other those are used in stage performance. Mentalist uses their abilities in manipulating objects and reading minds and show the very magic audience. Adopting mentalism as a hobby is cool but it needs a lot of practice and hard work.  

Metal Collecting.jpg

Metal collecting

Metal collecting is a new trendy hobby in which one's collects metals called as a scrapper. The collection of metal includes anything that made of metal like tools, vehicle parts, building material, etc. Metal collecting can be used to adopt as a business because it gives you benefits when you sell metal to the wrecking yard by weight. It is a rewarding hobby.



The metal core is a mixture of extreme metal and hardcore punk. The metal core is a fusion genre, similar to metal music. In this genre, singers focus on yelling and screaming and use double bass, heavy guitar riffs, and pedal tones. This genre is one of the most advanced genres.

Metal detecting hobby.jpg

Metal detecting 

Metal detecting is finding or hunting old underground metal with the help of metal detectors. Through this activity, you learn about old coins, jewelry, and relic. You learn about their history and people who owned them it is like a treasure hunt. A metal detector remains outdoor most of the time. Metal detecting is valuable for being a family hobby. Moreover, it is a good pastime for old age it is like an exercise and outdoor activity.

Metal die craft.jpg

Metal die craft


Metal embossing.jpg

Metal embossing

Metal embossing is stamping metals with various designs, which can stand on its own and are incorporated in mixed-media art. Embossed metal can be used in collage and assemblage, as a pendant or cover of a book or a decoration piece. This hobby needs some tools that are available in the market at very low prices. Metal embossing is a good pastime and great fun.

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