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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Matchstick models.jpg

Matchstick models

Matchstick modeling is an art in which artists use matchsticks without combustible ends that can be easily available at any craft store to make models of different things like building, bridges, trains, etc. Matchstick can be quite fun but it is an expensive hobby. In the United States, some societies promote matchstick modeling as a hobby.

Math Metal.jpg

Math metal and Math rock

Math metal is almost the same as a metal rock. In this music genre, guitars remain dominants by creating complex, angular melodies, breakdowns, and dissonant chords. This genre creates a very technically metal sound by using extreme talent and complicated arrangements.

Math rock classified as an advanced genre that typified by rhythmic complexity can be seen as mathematical in characters. Drums create its rhythmic complexity. Drums play an important role in math rock. Lyrics usually not focused on math rock. 

Besides drums, guitars are also the main instrument of math rocks. Guitarists use tapping and looping to create rhythmic complexity as we can in most of the battle bands. Math rock is an emerging genre so it can be a good hobby.

Mead making.jpg

Mead making


Mealworms breeding.jpg

Mealworms breeding

Mealworms are the larva stage darkling beetles. If you have reptile or fish, mealworms are the best foods for them. You can breed mealworms at your home this will save your money and can be a great pastime. Moreover, you can sell them and earn money. Mealworm breeding is easy you need some basic things and guide that you can seek from the internet. After a few weeks of anticipation, your mealworms will ready to feed your reptile or fish

Mechanical bank collecting.png

Mechanical bank collecting


Medical clown.jpg

Medical clown


Medicinal herb garden grow.jpg

Medicinal herb garden growing

Gardening is a good hobby but when it helps you to save money, you will love it. Growing medicinal herb in the backyards seems difficult and time-consuming but it can be very helpful to treat common ailments such as anxiety, poor digestion, inflammation, muscle pain, etc. You do not need to be skilled but a little help from a pharmacist and you can grow those herbs.



Medieval pastimes have a wide range it depends upon which times we are talking about, medieval pastimes are like hunting, storytelling, chess, dancing, knitting, swordsmanship, archery, etc. Medieval pastimes make you agile, sharp, and more important entertainment.



Everyone knows about meditation that gives relaxation and helps to clear mind and time to stop thinking about the world and release all tension. However, term meditation is confused with yoga. Meditation much easier than yoga, meditation is no control and less self-focusing activity than yoga. Moreover, it easy to learn, hundreds of books, DVDs, or tutorials are available to learn meditation. Choosing it as a hobby can be a splendid idea.

Meet new people on internet.jpg

Meet new people on internet

Meeting people on the internet makes easy to find new friends from different regions of the world and widens your knowledge about different cultures' language traditions. However, meeting people on the internet can be dangerous at the same time. Because you do not know either the person, you are talking to is good or bad. Most people got cheated on the internet. Choosing meeting people on the internet maybe not a wise choice as a hobby.  

2000+ Hobbies from A to Z

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