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Letterboxing as a Hobby: Digging Your Childhood


Children must love this game. They may choose this game as a hobby. Choosing letterboxing as a hobby is not a strange choice although you are already mature, you still can do it as your hobby. However, the clue and everything of it should be more challenging. Letterboxing is an activity which most of you said that it seems like you are looking for a treasure. It is waiting for you to be found. The treasure could be anywhere depending on the direction and clues.

Letterboxing as a hobby will ask you to move your body. It means you have to move by walk or by any transportation, analyze the clue, and solve the problems you find in the middle of the journey. It is more than just fun, especially if you do it with many friends. The rule of this activity is you may not go alone and you have to prepare a lot of preparations before you start the journey. It seems like you want to solve the mystery. Who makes the clue? There is a community of it and you should register first before you get your first mission.

Many letterboxing players said that it is an outdoor hobby, but the fact of it is it could be an indoor activity. Asian, European, and American love this thing. It is very fun when you and your friends are together to solve the clue of letterbox and all of you should run and compete with the time. Every second is important, especially if it is a competition between your team and another team. Letterboxing as a hobby supports you to aware your area. It also gives you many chances to meet the new people who interested in this activity too.

Remember to have a good preparation before you start the journey like having sunscreen, hat, mineral water, and raincoat. Do not forget to prepare your great outfit. Having this activity as a hobby is a good idea whether you are single or not. You can play this activity with your family and children too. It seems like you do your hobby together with your vacation. Every time you succeeded to solve the problem, do not forget to collect the stamp. Some of the television programs have letterboxing as a game. The players get an awesome prize, of course!

Letterboxing is spreading around the world. Most people around the world love this activity. It asks people to exercise although they do not realize it. It helps people to stay fit and healthy. It supports you to sharpen your memory and share your idea of getting a solution with others. The most important aspect is when people finally knew their living society, they're around, and they finally can socialize with others. Letterboxing is not only about the puzzle, but also about a value property. Satisfaction is another prize you could get from this activity. Therefore, find your team and try to do the best analysis to solve the clue fast. Are you ready?





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