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Engine Mechanic

How to practice machining as a hobby


Machining is about machine learning and considering learning it is a great step. Machining includes going through university to typical books. Learners must acquire an understanding of key algorithms and mathematics, besides finishing up with theories. Machining as a hobby requires you to spend a lot of time, possess appropriate background and have tons of patience. 


How to practice machining as a hobby

There are possibilities to learn machining and beginners must consider a top-down approach. They must know what applied machining is about before investing time in theory studying.
The top-down approach is the step-by-step process of machine learning using an end-to-end software that focuses on solving problems. The modern platforms offer small problems with complex algorithms featuring statistical testing and rigorous validation automatically performed using tools.

Only after gaining confidence and familiarizing with the process, you may consider the algorithms and machining theory side.


The steps of top-down approach:

• Learn applied machine learning high-level process

• Learn to use tools to work through problems

• Practice on data's, consider transition of machining algorithms.


Follow a structured process

• Understand and describe clearly the problem solved.

• Understand the information used to develop a model.

• Discover the structure in the dataset.

• Develop a baseline accuracy and robust test to spot check algorithms.

• Leverage results to get accurate models.

• Explain the problem and the solution, it should be understood by third parties.


If you are into a real workshop and trying to learn, then here it goes. Of course, it requires a lot of involvement and hard work.

• Consider the spindle speed in faster machines. Generally, the high-speed machines do not consider spindle speed.

• The efficient choices are the lathes with drilling and milling capability for some parts, while the turn-mill machine may be optional.

• Prevent metal powder from rusting using oil. Use the used cutters and do not throw in the trash.


In a software machining consider these tips:

• Upload correct file, the metal shape will cut wrong.

• Keep watching the simulations, you will notice easy to fix issues before cutting the metal.

• Very important is coolant to prolong the end mills life.

• Use right tool models

• Learn the speeds and feeds

Machining as a hobby is pursued by people who are really fascinated by the machine making, its working systems, and its processes. It means you are in for an explore and research.



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