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Snowboarding as a Hobby


If you want to get out of the routine and do a sport in the snow, then snowboarding is ideal because it will provide great benefits of physical endurance and above all; it will make you feel new sensations of freedom and adrenaline.


What is Snowboarding?

As you know, snowboarding consists of standing on a board, with one foot in front of the other and then sliding on a piece of snow. The feet must be securely fastened to the board by means of fixings. Snowboarding becomes part of the life of many athletes, as it is an antidote to stress, it also helps to improve coordination and experience new sensations.

Modalities of Snowboarding

• The Freestyle: This mode is based on the performance of pirouettes on snow and air.

• The Freeride: This modality is focused on the descent from extreme places, outside of the tracks.

• The Carreras or Boardercross: Here the important thing is to descend as quickly as possible through the mountains.

• The extreme Snowboard: This modality is the most radical of the snowboard since it requires advanced knowledge and a high mountain.

• The Slalom: A descent is made by dodging the flags in a zigzag pattern.

How to Practice Snowboarding? 

Learning of snowboarding can occur independently or self-taught, without the supervision and help of any professional, although progress, in this case, will always be much slower because no one will teach you the technical elements or how to combine them.

Favorite Foot

The first thing is to know if we are right-handed or left-handed. The right-handed (goofy) carries the left leg behind, while the left-handed (regular) carries the right leg behind. The back leg is the rudder of the board, and it is usually the strongest leg.

Become Familiar with the Table

You start by leaving your back footloose and with the front caught to lift the board, to nail one edge and nail the other and then change orientation 180. All this while standing.

Position on the Table

There is a very classic position that is called the position of the Warrior; it is called so because it is like an athlete who is going to start a race or a jump, or the warrior who is crouched about to attack.
A snowboarder completely standing, stretched, will last little on the board. The semi-flexed legs are the most important aspect of the position to be on the table. The legs are cushioning and provide balance.


How to Accelerate and Brake the Table

Another important thing to learn is the sideslipping, the accelerator and the table brake. Learn to control the angle of inclination of the edges of the board and to rely on the gravity and strength of the edges.

As long as the board is standing still, even on a smooth surface, it is unstable. This is because both feet are joined to the same equilibrium plane. As humans, and as skiers, we use both legs independently to adjust the balance when we are standing.

The moment someone stands on a stationary table, the only way to stabilize the body is to sit down. It is important that the first time you get up with the board already caught at your feet.


As we can see, Snowboarding can be a really fun sport, however, like Skiing; it requires a lot of practice and 



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