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Table tennis hobby

Table tennis as a Hobby


Table Tennis is a fast-paced game and highly popular. Table tennis as a hobby appeals to all people from different walks of life. This game requires a small playing surface, but players keep running back and forth chasing the ball to grab the advantage in this game.

Game Requirement

People wishing to pursue table tennis as a hobby can play with friends or family. If so, they do not need much of a talent or skill. Of course, one person should hit the ball and the opponent should hit it back.


The simple fact is that the ball must hit exceeding the short net acting as a separator. It is considered a successful and good service if your hit bounces on the opponent's side. Points are scored when one player fails to return the ball.


Whether playing for competition or fun, there is some equipment that is a must while play table tennis such as:

• Paddles

• Balls

• A table and a net

Beginners buy quality equipment so that it lasts longer, but novice players bear in mind their skill levels and playing style before buying. Check with local sports stores or buy online. You can check with veteran players about this equipment and ask them to refer some reputable dealers.

Generally, players can wear solid, dark colors. However, running shoes are essential for forwarding motions. Buy shoes that ensure rapid movement and allows easy control of ankles.

Table tennis ball is preferred in orange or white color. Orange is preferred as it is easy to spot even in poor light conditions. The ball quality is determined by the imprinted stars and the ball having three stars mark are used for official competitions.


Tennis balls are flammable and should be stored away from heat and flame. Keep it clean within a case.

Table tennis tables are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 30 inches high. The tables are smoothly made of wood featuring low-friction coating, divided by a 6 inches high net. Generally, the tables are in green or blue.


• When practicing, keep 8 feet of space roughly cleared around the table.

• No fast blades for beginners. Slow blades give greater control or medium blades are ideal for decent topspin and ensure good ball control.

• Inverted rubber enables a variety of spins and attacking techniques. It is smooth and so beginners may use inverted or smooth rubber as the primary surface.

Beginners can get a coach to help them in learning table tennis as a hobby. Or novice players can practice with a skilled partner. Initially, beginners should focus on developing the skills and honing the game.


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