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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Couple on a Walk

Walking as a Hobby Can Extend Your Life


I bet if you knew a way to knock years of your age and keep fit and healthy in your later life that you'd grab at it. I guess you'd guess that it would cost you money to reveal that secret and it would entail a lot of complicated stuff that in the end may not work. My revelation is none of these things, and I can guarantee you that it does work because I'm living proof, and so are my friends. What is it, walking of course?


1. Walking - the perfect exercise

We all need exercise to keep us healthy and help to reduce obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The Department of Health in the UK recommend people taking 30 minutes of exercise, five days per week, but 63% of men and 76 percent of women are falling far short of this recommended level, as are our children. Walking as a Hobby is the most natural exercise around and can be built into your daily lifestyle. It's free, and it doesn't require any specialized equipment, talent, location, and can be achieved at any age, at any time, night or day.


2. Walking Benefits

Walking has many physical and mental health benefits. It burns calories, builds muscles, strengthens your heart, lungs, and bones, improves your freedom, and gives you loads more energy. Walking is a great way to unwind and release tension from tight muscles and shoulders caused by the everyday pressures of life. It may refresh your mental health and help give you a wonderful sense of well-being from getting outdoors and in contact with the natural world around you.


3. Your Walking Programme

Most people tell me that they just don't have the opportunity to walk; they do not have any free time in their day! If you get active and walk more, you'll add more time on to your lifespan, a sedentary lifestyle results in health problems and shorten your life.

Start out by just walking a little bit more each day, and that's easier than you think. Why not go for a walk at lunchtime instead of just sitting at your desk, take the stairs at work instead of the lift, get off the bus or train two stops ealier and walk the rest of the way. Walk your children to school instead of driving them.


Take your dog for a walk each evening after dinner. Just 20 minutes of brisk walking a day can help you lose 7 pounds per year! Aim to build a walking routine into your life gradually.


The critical point to remember is that walking as a Hobby is fun! It's the ideal way to spend more time with your family and friends and to explore the great outdoors. Finally, you may reap the benefits of a healthier life for you and your family.

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