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Worldbuilding hobby

Worldbuilding as a Hobby


If a person does a hobby frequently and makes it a habit, it will be said that the individual in question has a hobby. Let's suppose that a young man collects bottles and cans of beer: every week, he meets with other collectors to exchange material and, when he has the possibility, he attends congresses and collectors' events. In this case, the hobby may be considered a hobby. Something similar happens with one who plays golf three times a week. The practice of this sport can be considered as a pastime because it provides an entertaining time for the player, but it is also a hobby since the subject organizes their daily life to make room for the activity.

What is Worldbuilding as a hobby? 

We are all storytellers so we can all adopt worldbuilding as a hobby. Some better than others, but all, without exception, we tell stories constantly. In worldbuilding as a hobby, the conversations at the end of the day, in social gatherings, in the family lunch. Storytelling is inherent to man and has accompanied the human race since the beginning of time. It is how we socialize and express ourselves, how we build ourselves in front of the other. Invent and tell stories is as old as talking, a task that should have been born and grow with language, when grunts, murmurs, gestures and grimaces, our ancestors, those primitive beings, no longer apes but not yet human, they began to exchange words and to understand each other according to an elementary code that over the years would be subsidized to great extremes of complexity.

What were those bipeds in worldbuilding as a hobby, there, in the depths of the centuries, in those nights full of awe and amazement, around the fires, under the shining of the stars? What happened to each other in the desperate struggle for survival that was the everyday life: the surprise that sometimes gave the traps in which, suddenly, instead of the deer or the monkey, fell the tiger or the lion, or the appearance in his path of other beings that, despite not speaking in the same way, or tattooing with the same colors or figures, or hunting with the same weapons, also seemed human. Worldbuilding as a hobby is in what each other what happened to them, but that life made of words was not the same life that the stories pretended to reproduce: it was a life altered by the language, exaggeration, and vanity of the accountants, by the flight of his imagination and by the traps of memory.

But they told themselves, also, and perhaps above all, what did not happen to them, or, rather, that only happened to them in the impalpable and secret world of desires, of instincts, appetites, and dreams: joys and excesses in worldbuilding as a hobby the impossible adventures, the feared apparitions, the miracles.
Why did they do it? Because inventing and telling stories was the best way to enrich the miserable life they had, to give an answer to the millions of questions that anguished them, and because being left spellbound by a story was a magic that distracted them and temporarily removed them from fear, uncertainty and the infinite dangers in which its existence consisted. 


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