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Hobbies, list from A to Z

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Video gaming hobby

Video gaming as a Hobby



What do you do in your free time?


It is a question we are constantly asked, whether at school, university, or our friends and family, etc. This question also refers to our hobbies. We are all different so we have different ways of spending time. Some prefer sports, arts, sciences, etc. It is no secret that many pastimes of people can make us quite intelligent.


You just have to have another vision from another angle. Video gaming as a hobby in a short time will help you to better develop your intellectual and mental abilities, and then apply them to other fields in which you would like. The audiovisual sector is living an excellent moment.


This year is assuming a positive turning point when more and more people are adopting Video gaming as a hobby.

This type of development takes place when a person or a group decides to share an idea, which is to develop a video game. But as they work they decide to develop it in their free time, since they have a job with which they generate income to live.


This type of development tends to last longer since it is a free time that is used to make the project. Many of these projects do not get to see the light of the Sun, either they are abandoned in the middle of the project or because they never get to be commercialized. This type of development at first does not generate any expense for the participants.


Video games developed by profession

While playing games between weeks can make you think you're wasting time, there are some that help you develop important skills such as concentration, determination, teamwork and learning to make mistakes and try again. In any job, people who have these skills are needed to have productive employees.


Most of the games currently on the market are developed from this perspective.

Millions of people around the world are hooked on games like Farmville, Angry birds, counter strike, ludo, cards or Minesweeper. They take advantage of a gap in their personal or work schedule for a little game and discover themselves an hour later still playing.


So do not worry there are trillions of people who are carrying video gaming as a hobby and are mastering themselves.


What can you do video gaming as a hobby?

There are many games that are in town, you can download them or even install them, play and look how indulged you will be in it.

The psychologists and those who are dedicated to creating video games are very clear: what determines that a game is more or less addictive (understood this addiction as attractive, not as a disease) is, fundamentally, its structure and that it activates the routes of neurons that transmit dopamine from one region of the brain to another.


Practice this one to enhance your skills and be spontaneous in your decision-making process.


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